May 23, 2022

Roundup: Microsoft Investing $300 Million in Barne & Noble’s Digital Reading Business

Official Announcement Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership to Advance World-Class Digital Reading Experiences for Consumers Barnes & Noble Inc. and Microsoft today announced the formation of a strategic partnership in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary, which will build upon the history of strong innovation in digital reading technologies from both companies. […]

Microsoft Academic Search Adds New Visualization Tools

It’s been a very impressive year for Microsoft Academic Search. Not only did the index experience major growth during the past 12 months but the Academic Research team launched a new interface and added several new tools including several that allow users to visualize data. Today, Microsoft Academic Search launched their December update and it includes […]

No Need to Copy and Paste: Bing's iPad App Updated With "Lasso" Technology, Just Circle and Search

Here are a few items that take a look at the new “Lasso” capability that launched today and is available for Bing’s iPad app. What is it? Your using an iPad and your reading something (article, book, etc) and you want to search for more info. With Lasso there is no need to type into […]

Engineering Material Now Searchable Using Microsoft Academic Search

A busy week at Microsoft Academic Search comes to an end with Engineering material having been added to the database. Last week MS Academic only provided access to computer sc material. Less than a week later four domains/disciplines now provides access to scholarly content in: Engineering Mathematics Physics Computer Science All of the info and […]

New: Mathematics Material Now Avialable From Microsoft Academic Search

We’ve posted twice (see below) about Microsoft  beginning to expand the coverage of its impressive Academic Search and today will be number three. Mathematics material is now available from MS Academic Search. Direct to the main user interface (you can search here) or go direct to mathematics interface and limit your search to only math […]

Expansion Begins: Microsoft Academic Search Adds Physics Material to Database

Last week we posted news that Microsoft Academic Search was about to expand their database of academic material (often scholarly material) into new domains (disciplines) after providing access to only computer science material for about 18 months. Today, physics material became accessible to MS Academic Search users. So, users can search the entire database at […]