January 19, 2022

Digital Preservation: 480 New Volumes Added to LOCKSS Digital Library and Now Available to LOCKSS Alliance Members

Along with the 480 new volumes, material from 2 new publishers and 10 new titles are now included in LOCKSS. The digital library is now home to more than 9,000 e-journal titles from 510 publishers. You can learn more here and also review a spreadsheet (XLS) with a list of titles and participating publishers. A […]

Digital Preservation: An Interview With the Directors of LOCKSS and CLOCKSS

From Research Information: Vicky Reich, director of the LOCKSS programme at Stanford University Libraries, and Randy Kiefer, executive director of the CLOCKSS archive, explain why preserving digital content is a challenge that needs to be tackled, especially as this content becomes more dynamic. Here is one exchange from the interview: What are the challenges with […]

LOCKSS Alliance Libraries Preserve 11,000 New Volumes In First Half Of 2011

From the LOCKSS Website: In the first six months of 2011, participating LOCKSS Program libraries preserved content from major partner publishers such as PNAS, Springer, Emerald, and the JBJS. The LOCKSS Alliance provides a full management digital preservation program. Libraries use LOCKSS to build and preserve local collections for future scholars and publishers, thus separating […]