January 21, 2022

Wikmedia Foundation Hires DC Lobbying Firm

The news that Dow Lohnes Government Strategies has been hired by the Wikimedia Foundation was reported by Politico this afternoon after the registration filing was released. You can view the full text here (via Sunlight Foundation) They lobbying is for legislation related to online intellectual property infringement, including H.R. 3261 [SOPA], S. 968 [Protect IP Act], […]

New Database: "See Who's Lobbying the California Legislature"

From California Watch: California interest groups have filed nearly 7,000 reports in the first half of 2011 disclosing what bills and issues they have lobbied in state government. We’ve taken those forms and created a one-of-a-kind database that allows you to search who is lobbying any bill before the Legislature. Simply type a bill number […]

"New Gmail Plug-In Tracks Cash, Political Leanings Of Your Friends And Spammers"

From Fast Company: At the Personal Democracy Forum conference in New York City yesterday, the Sunlight Foundation, a D.C. nonprofit fighting for government transparency, unveiled a new Gmail plug-in they call Inbox Influence. The nifty little program scans public records to show you the political contributions made or received by the people and organizations who […]