June 12, 2021

New Issue of JISC Inform Features Interview with Harvard’s Robert Darnton About Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

Issue 33 (Spring 2012) of JISC Inform was released earlier today. Direct to Complete Table of Contents Articles Include: Digital Public Library of America “Robert Darnton, director of the University Library at Harvard, explains his vision of the Digital Public Library of America” The article also includes links to video of Darnton’s JISC/SCONUL Lecture in […]

New Blog Post: Europeana and Linked Open Data

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: Europeana has recently released a new version of its Linked Data Pilot, data.europeana.eu. We now publish data for 2.4 million objects under an open metadata licence: CC0, the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication.[Clip] After several months we have thus released a second version of data.europeana.eu. Though still a pilot, […]

Announcing DM2E (Digitised Manuscripts to Europena): Exploring the Possibilities of Linked Open Data in Cultural heritage

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: The Open Knowledge Foundation is delighted to announce that it will be leading the community work for a three-year EU funded project entitled Digitised Manuscripts to Europena (DM2E). The project consortium, which includes academic institutions, NGOs and commercial partners, will be led by Professor Stefan Gradmann at the Humboldt […]

New Article: "OpenART: Open Metadata for Art Research at the Tate"

Title OpenART:  Open Metadata for Art Research at the Tate Author by Julie Allinson Source Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (February/March 2012; Vol. 38 No. 3) From the Introduction OpenART (http://yorkdl.wordpress.com/category/openart) was a six-month project funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the United Kingdom under their Infrastructure […]

New: Issue 16 of the The Code4Lib Journal is Now Online

Direct to The Code4Lib Journal (Issue 16) Table-of-Contents Includes abstracts for all article. Articles Include: Creating a Seamless Cross-Platform Online Experience for Mobile Users by Katherine Lynch HTML5 Microdata and Schema.org by Jason Ronallo Using VuFind, XAMPP, and Flash Drives to Build an Offline Library Catalog for Use in a Liberal Arts in Prison Program […]

New Issue Alert: IFLA Journal (37.4) Now Available Online, Free

Direct to Full Text (82 pages; PDF) Articles Include: + ‘‘As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it’’ + 65+: Engaging underserved patrons – a success story! + Key skills and competencies of a new generation of LIS professionals + Finding film resources: Challenges of formats, policies and […]

Full Text: Stanford Linked Data Workshop Technology Plan

The document was released on December 30, 2011. From the Introduction of the Plan: This is a plan for a multi-national, multi-institutional discovery environment built on Linked Open Data principles. If instantiated at several institutions, will demonstrate to end users the value of the Linked Data approach to recording machine operable facts about the products […]