May 22, 2022

New Report: ARL and Ithaka S+R Release Findings on Sustainability of Digitized Special Collections

New from the Association of Research Libraries and Ithaka S+R. From an ARL Announcement: ARL and Ithaka S+R today released Appraising our Digital Investment: Sustainability of Digitized Special Collections in ARL Libraries, a report on findings from an ARL-Ithaka S+R survey of ARL libraries on the range of activities and expenses that libraries undertake to support […]

New Report from Ithaka S+R: “Taking Steps Toward ‘Interactive Learning Online'”

From the Ithaka S+R News Release: Extraordinary pressure is mounting on colleges and universities—especially public universities—to address the ever-increasing growth in the costs of higher education and to improve student learning outcomes. Online learning holds great promise to address these issues, but requires these institutions to operate in substantially different ways. “Barriers to Adoption of […]

Video Series: Sustaining Digital Resources With Nancy Maron from Ithaka S+R

From the Strategic Content Alliance Blog: Since 2007, Ithaka S+R and the Strategic Content Alliance have led the way in examining ways that the academic and cultural heritage sectors are defining sustainability and helping to make sure that the digital resources will endure and provide value well beyond the term of the grant. Designed to […]

Deanna Marcum Named Managing Director, Ithaka S+R

From ITHAKA: Dr. Deanna Marcum has accepted the position of Managing Director, Ithaka S+R, effective January 1, 2012. Deanna will lead this growing not-for-profit service, which provides research and strategic consulting services that help transform scholarship and teaching. Dr. Marcum brings a background of extraordinary accomplishment to her new role. She joins Ithaka S+R from […]

From OMB Watch: "Libraries Can Connect the Public to Open Government"

From a New OMB Watch Article: In recent years, government has increasingly embraced the proactive disclosure of information and created online tools to increase transparency. But how do Americans discover that information? Who helps them learn how to use complex government databases and tools? The answer may be a surprisingly familiar one: libraries. Libraries have […]

Final Report: “Revenue, Recession, Reliance: Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability”

More news from Ithaka S+R. From a News Release and Summary: Ithaka S+R, with funding from the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance, released today “Revenue, Recession, Reliance: Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability,” a report that reviews the impact of tumultuous times on the business models of 12 digital projects first profiled by S+R […]

Podcast: Nancy Maron From Ithaka S+R on Sustainable Funding For Online Resources

A New JISC Podcast: Sustainable funding for online resources From a JISC Summary: In recent months, numerous funders have produced a raft of ‘business know how’ reports with the aim of assisting their grant recipients adopt new business models for web-based resources. A new body of work highlights ‘real world’ case studies that show the […]

Ithaka S+R 'Case Studies in Sustainability' Updates Released

Updated 2011 Case Studies In 2009 Ithaka S+R investigated the sustainability strategies of twelve digital content projects in the higher education and cultural heritage sectors in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Egypt. Two years and one economic crisis later, Ithaka S+R, with the generous support of the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance, decided to revisit […]

New From Ithaka S+R: Research Support Services for Scholars

From an Ithaka S+R Announcement: Ithaka S+R is pleased to announce a new program, Research Support Services for Scholars, that will comprise a series of discipline-specific research projects aimed to provide critically needed research about the evolving behavior and needs of scholars to the information support service providers who work with them. Based on this […]

New Report From Strategic Content Alliance/Ithaka S+R: "Funding for Sustainability: 'How Funders’ Practices Influence the Future of Digital Resources'"

Title: “Funding for Sustainability: How Funders’ Practices Influence the Future of Digital Resources. Authors: Nancy L. Maron and Matthew Loy From News Release: Ithaka S+R, funded by the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance (SCA), released today “Funding for Sustainability: How Funders’ Practices Influence the Future of Digital Resources.” This report, written by Nancy L. Maron and […]