January 20, 2022

New Online Database Provides Searches of Registered Designs in Israel

From Lexology: Until recently, the only option for searching through registered designs in Israel was through the use of a computer terminal located at the Israel Patent Office (ILPO) in Jerusalem. In response to a growing demand for such searches, the ILPO has launched a new online database and search engine of registered designs that […]

New Online: Israel’s Antiquities Authority and Google Release 5,000 Digitized Images of Dead Sea Scroll Segments

Note: Today’s release comes about 15 months after after Google and the IAA made hi-res images of five of the dead sea scrolls available online. More about that project here. Now, today’s news. From the Official Google Blog: The Israel Antiquities Authority is launching the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, an online collection […]

Article: Shaking Up Israel’s National Archives (Interview with Israel’s Chief Archivist)

In a New Article From Tablet Magazine: The state archives are home to everything from top-secret government deliberations to countless cultural artifacts to, apparently, footage of pre-state soccer matches. All this and more will soon become daily Internet fodder, as the blog begins releasing much of this hitherto inaccessible information online. To find out more […]

Israel’s National Library Director Pledges to Place Disputed Kafka Manuscripts on Internet

via Haaretz: The National Library in Jerusalem has prepared a program for handling Franz Kafka’s manuscripts and promises to make them and other rare collections available on the Internet. However, the court has yet to rule on the fate of the Czech writer’s manuscripts. The manuscripts, part of the literary estate of Kafka’s close friend […]

Israel Broadcasting Authority Gives Public Access to Archival Treasures

From the The Jerusalem Post: If you’ve been in Israel long enough and you’re a radio junkie, there are bound to be songs and programs that you love that you would like to have rebroadcast more often. Now, you don’t have to sigh with nostalgia and live in hope – you can download many of […]

Israel's National Library Puts Collection Online

From Haaretz: The National Library of Israel has just launched a website giving the public access to a huge collection of materials, including books, periodicals, maps, photos and musical selections from the library collection. The website, which took two years to develop, is the most comprehensive content-based website in Israel. [Clip] Hundreds of thousands of […]

Israel's State Archives & National Library Will Participate in Initiative to Develop National Digital Heritage Plan

The news was mentioned in a Israeli cabinet communique dated November 20, 2011. Direct to Israel State Archives Direct to National Library of Israel Hat Tip: @CitizenWald

National Library of Israel: "In Jerusalem, an old-fashioned medium goes online"

From the AP: For ultra-Orthodox Jews who shun secular newspapers, radio and the Internet, the best way to hear the news has long been by literally reading the writing on the wall. The insular, strictly religious community still relies on black and white posters pasted up on walls in their neighborhoods to hear the latest […]

Lawsuit: "We Want Our Archives Back"

From an Article in Haaretz: After the Holocaust, the decimated Jewish community of Austria asked the Jewish people’s central archive in Jerusalem to take possession of historical documents. Now strong and prosperous, it’s suing for their return. [Clip] It is not easy to find the Jewish people’s archives, at the easternmost edge of the Hebrew […]

Israel: "$200 Million Renewal Project Launched at Nat'l Library"

From the Jerusalem Post: The $200 million project, funded by the Rothschild fund Yad Hanadiv, was launched at a ceremony at the National Library on Sunday evening attended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar, Hebrew University President Menahem Ben-Sasson, and Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer. The new building, […]