May 28, 2022

Just Released: March 2012 Issue of IFLA Journal (Full Text)

The new issue was made available online earlier today by the International Federation of Library Associations. Direct to Full Text (112 pages; PDF) Here’s What You’ll Find in the March 2012  (Vol 38 No 1) Issue of IFLA Journal Editorial Papers from San Juan Stephen Parker 3 The emphasis in this issue is on papers […]

New Publication Alert: IFLA Journal (October 2011)

Direct to Full Text:  IFLA Journal (October 2011; 60.3) 80 pages; PDF Contents Editorial Convergence of libraries, archives and museums Stephen Parker 187 Articles Painted lines: Preservation connections Heather Brown 189 Digital preservation: Converging and diverging factors of libraries, archives and museums – an Indian perspective Dinesh Katre 195 Synergizing the collections of libraries archives […]

New Issue of IFLA Journal Now Online (37.2; June 2011)

Direct to Table of Contents Direct to Complete Issue (PDF) Articles Include:   “Promoting a culture for reading in a diverse world” by Ray Doiron and Marlene Asselin “Electronic governance and hybrid libraries in Namibia” by  Wilhelm Uutoni, Wilson Yule and Cathrine T. Nengomasha “Library assistants as situated learners: How they can learn more effectively” […]