January 21, 2022

Offline: "Google News Archive Search Page: Gone Forever Or Temporary Bug?"

Here’s a report by none other than INFOdocket’s Gary Price posted on Search Engine Land (he’s a contributing editor there). Direct to Search Engine Land Report In a nutshell, the interface was taken down sometime in the past few days (without notice) but the material, the millions of digitized articles remain online. Now, they’re a […]

"Google Archive Decision 'Astonishing'" Says Founder of ColdNorthWind and PaperofRecord.com

From an Article by Vito Pilieci, Ottawa Citizen: “It’s disappointing, especially when you consider what I thought that this would do,” said Bob Huggins, former chief executive officer and cofounder of PaperOfRecord. com, which Google bought in 2008. He called Google’s decision to abandon the initiative “astonishing.” PaperofRecord.com, formerly called Cold North Wind, was founded […]