May 24, 2022

James Grimmelman Reports About Today's Google Book Settlement Status Conference

A Google Books Settlement (GBS) status conference took place between all of the involved parties today in the courtroom of Judge Chin. Professor James Grimmelmann from the New York Law School reports about what took place at today’s conference. You can read his report on The Laboratorium Blog. Next Court Event: A status conference is […]

Google Book Settlement Status Conference Begins and Ends in a Matter of Minutes

A GBS status conference that was scheduled for today did take place. However, according to Google Book Settlement expert, Professor James Grimmelmann, “Absolutely nothing happened.” Actually, this is what happened. If you blinked you might have missed it. Both parties asked Judge Chin for more time to talk, he agreed, and then set July 19th […]

Law Professor James Grimmelmann Discusses Google Book Search Settlement Decision on Bloomberg TV

Professor James Grimmelmann from the New York Law School has been one of the legal experts the media has been turning to for comments about the Google Book Settlement since it was announced about 10 days ago. A smart move by the media. Grimmelmann and his students have done an outstanding job providing analysis and […]

Just Released by the Library Copyright Alliance: Google Book Settlement: "A Guide for the Perplexed Part IV"

The Library Copyright Alliance has just released, “A Guide for the Perplexed Part IV” that provides a look at Judge Chin’s decision last week regarding the Google Book Settlement (GBS). Direct to the “A Guide for the Perplexed Part IV” (18 pages; PDF) From an ALA District Dispatch Post: This guide is the latest in […]

A New York Times Editorial: "Google's Book Deal"

From the Editorial: Altogether, Judge Chin argued that the agreement would grant Google a virtual legal monopoly over the online book search. That is too high a price to pay. Google’s loss means that, for now, its search results will show only snippets of text from books that are under copyright but out of print. […]

Live On the Web in 45 Minutes (Noon EDST): CCC Webinar on Google Book Settlement

You can learn more and register (free) on this page. Through lively discussion, copyright expert Lois Wasoff and Copyright Clearance Center’s Christopher Kenneally will analyze this highly-anticipated decision, what it means for those affected by the proposed settlement and what is likely to happen next. About Lois Wasoff: Lois F. Wasoff has established a legal […]