May 18, 2022

Open Access & Open Data: "European Consultation on Scientific Information in the Digital Age"

From BioMed Central: The European Commission (EC) has announced a consultation on ‘scientific information in the digital age.The consultation is running until 9th September 2011 so if you’re as interested in open access and open data as we are then the EC wants to hear your opinion on the following issues: – how scientific articles […]

Europeana Aggregating Digital Content from Research Libraries Across Europe (including Material from Google Books)

@calimaq has posted (in French) about a Europeana program that began at the beginning of 2011 to aggregate digital content from European libraries. The focus of the post is on what this might mean for digitized book content from Google. Here’s a mechanical translation of the post using Google Translate and another from Bing Translate. […]

New: World Health Organization (WHO) Releases Database on Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity (NOPA)

From a WHO Announcement: The NOPA database has been created in close collaboration with health ministries and with support from the European Commission. It includes details on more than 300 national and sub-national policies that address nutrition, physical activity or obesity. Most of these policy documents have been developed in the past six years and […]