January 21, 2022

New Report: Remuneration Paid to Authors and Performers in Music & AV Sectors in 10 EU Countries

Here’s a new report from the European Commission that was published online today. From the EC: A new EU study looks at the level of remuneration paid to authors and performers in the music and audio-visual sectors in ten EU countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark and Lithuania). The […]

Projects: “EARTHSERVER: Big Earth Data at Your Fingertips Becomes a Reality”

From the European Commission: The earth sciences, like geology, oceanography and astronomy, generate vast quantities of Big Data. Yet without the right tools scientists either drown in this sea of Big Earth Data or it sits in an archive, barely used. The vision of the EARTHSERVER project is to offer researchers ‘Big Earth Data at […]

Copyright: European Commission Urges Industry to Deliver Innovative Solutions For Greater Access to Online Content

From the European Commission: The European Commission has today adopted a Communication which sets out parallel tracks of action to be undertaken during this Commission’s term of office to ensure that the EU’s copyright framework stays fit for purpose in the digital environment. [Clip] Facilitating the deposit and online accessibility of films in the EU; […]

New European Plan Proposed for Safer Internet for Children and Teenagers

From Euroalert: The European Commission set out a plan for safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers. In particular, the new strategy is to build up the market for interactive, creative and educational content online, in a partnership between the European Commission and Member States, mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and providers […]

New from the EC: Science For Environment Policy Research Repository

Direct to Science For Environment Research Repository Browse by category or keyword search. [Science for Environment Research Repository is] an online bank of research results for evidence-based policy making. The studies have been carefully selected for policy relevance and quality. These include studies that have been featured in the Science for Environment Policy News Alert. […]

European Commission to Adopt Open Data Strategy

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: News in from the European Commission, which has announced that they will be adopting a new Open Data Strategy from the 29th November. The aims of the strategy are to increase government transparency, and hopefully generate overall economic gains of around €40 billion a year for the EU. The strategy, […]

European Commission Recommendation: "Encouraging Digitisation of EU Culture to Help Boost Growth"

From EUROPA: The European Commission has adopted a Recommendation asking EU Member States to step up their efforts, pool their resources and involve the private sector in digitising cultural material. This is essential to make European cultural heritage more widely available and to boost growth in Europe’s creative industries. The digitised material should be made […]

Research Libraries: LIBER response to the EC survey on Scientific Information in the Digital Age

From a LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries): In late 2011, the European Commission intends to adopt a Communication and Recommendation on access to and preservation of digital scientific information. This initiative builds on earlier policy developments in this area, and is being developed within the policy contexts of the EU Flagship Initiatives Innovation Union […]

EU: Commission Brokers Agreement For Mass Digitisation, MoU Signed

From EurActiv: Books that have been gathering dust on library bookshelves can now be transformed into eBooks, according  to a pan European agreement signed by libraries, publishers and rightsholders yesterday. Industry federations and the European Commission heralded the agreement signed yesterday between publishers, libraries, collecting societies and authors as groundbreaking as it would unleash countless […]

"New Online Database Launched by the [European] Commission to Make Legal Data on Unfair Commercial Practices Available"

From a Euroalert.net Article: The European Commission launched a new database in order to improve access to information on unfair commercial practices. The website provides an extensive overview of national laws transposing the Directive, jurisprudence, administrative decisions and references to relevant literature. The Directive 2005/29/EC on Unfair Commercial Practices ensures that consumers are not misled […]