September 24, 2021

"European Medicines Agency Launches Database Of Clinical Studies in Children Completed Before 2007"

From the European Medicines Agency: The European Medicines Agency has published a new database containing information on studies of medicines authorised in the European Union that were carried out in children and completed before the Paediatric Regulation came into force in 2007. The Article 45 paediatric studies database allows users to search for information on […]

Europe: Final Report: Authors and Users vis-a-vis Journals and Repositories

The final report was made available online by PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research). From the PEER Web Site: The PEER Behavioural Research Team from Loughborough University (Department of Information Science & LISU) has completed the behavioural research commissioned by PEER. The research which consisted of two phases adopted a mixed methods approach […]

Europeana Aggregating Digital Content from Research Libraries Across Europe (including Material from Google Books)

@calimaq has posted (in French) about a Europeana program that began at the beginning of 2011 to aggregate digital content from European libraries. The focus of the post is on what this might mean for digitized book content from Google. Here’s a mechanical translation of the post using Google Translate and another from Bing Translate. […]

New: World Health Organization (WHO) Releases Database on Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity (NOPA)

From a WHO Announcement: The NOPA database has been created in close collaboration with health ministries and with support from the European Commission. It includes details on more than 300 national and sub-national policies that address nutrition, physical activity or obesity. Most of these policy documents have been developed in the past six years and […]

Bloomberg: "Digital Libraries May Include More Book, Music Copyrights Under EU Overhaul"

From Bloomberg: Digital libraries may be able to include more copyrighted works under European Union rules proposed [on Tuesday]. The European Commission is seeking to bolster the EU-funded Internet library Europeana, a rival to the Internet book service operated by Google Inc., owner of the most popular Internet- search engine. Some so-called orphan works, including […]

Digital Preservation: A New EU Funded Project to Preserve Weblogs

From a News Release: An EU funded consortium has invited blog provider mokonoto assist in developing a digital preservation technology to preserve content published via blogs. [Clip] The EU project BlogForever aims to provide preservation technology in order to enable institutions and citizens to preserve content for future generations. BlogForever is a collaborative EU funded […]

Archives Portal Europe (Beta) Is Now Online

From a Europeana Blog Post: The Archives Portal Europe is now online. This is the first beta version of the portal, which gives users access to 7.797.809 descriptive units and 726.136 digital archival objects.