October 19, 2021

Listen Online: National Park Service Releases Historic Audio Recordings Made by Thomas Edison's Recording Engineer

From the Thomas Edison Historical Park/National Park Service News Release: …National Park Service announces the first-time release of 12 historic sound recordings made by Thomas Edison’s recording engineer Theo Wangemann on wax cylinders during 1889-1890 in Germany, Austria, Prussia, and France. The recordings include the voices of eminent German historical figures Otto von Bismarck and […]

Now Available: Results of the EC Public Consultation on Scientific Information in the Digital Age

From a Summary Posted on the LIBER Web Site: The public consultation on scientific information in the digital age, which was recently undertaken by the European Commission, spurred great interest among a variety of stakeholders, with 1140 responses received from 42 countries. Respondents identified a strong need for better access to scientific publications and scientific […]

Reference: Statistics: Europe in Figures – Eurostat Yearbook 2011

Via Eurostat: Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook 2011 – presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on Europe. With more than 450 statistical tables, graphs and maps, the yearbook is a definitive collection of statistical information on the European Union. Most data cover the period 1999-2009 for the European Union and its Member States, […]

Milestones: Europeana Adds 20 Millionth Item & Collection of 7000 Photographs From Belgium Added to Database

Congrats and kudos to the Europeana team! From the Europeana eNewsletter: This October, Europeana’s content reached 20 million items, increasing the content ten-fold since its initial launch in 2008. The 20 millionth item is a painting of the Biblical story of David and Goliath painted by the celebrated Caravaggio in 1600-1601. Caravaggio worked predominantly on […]

Europe: Open Data: Turning Government Data into Gold

From EUROPA: The Commission has launched an Open Data Strategy for Europe, which is expected to deliver a €40 billion boost to the EU’s economy each year. Europe’s public administrations are sitting on a goldmine of unrealised economic potential: the large volumes of information collected by numerous public authorities and services. Member States such as […]

New Report: “A Surfboard for Riding the Wave – Towards a Four Country Action Programme on Research Data”

From the Knowledge Exchange: The report not only offers an overview of the present activities and challenges in the field of research data in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom but also outlines an action programme for the four countries in realising a collaborative data infrastructure. This report is a response to the […]

New Digitization Project: World War One in Pictures, Letters and Memories

A new digitization project from Europeana. From Europeana: Europeana Collections 1914-1918 will create by 2014 – the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War – a substantial digital collection of material from national libraries and other partners from eight countries that found themselves on different sides of the historic conflict. [Clip] The First […]

eBooks on Demand: European Libraries Make Efforts For Integration + New Search Engine

From an EOD Announcement: From 3 to 4 November 2011, about 40 specialists of e-collections from European libraries meet in the National Library of Portugal. The eBooks on Demand (EOD) libraries have recently launched a common search engine for finding books which already are or will be digitised, and will have hackdays in Lisbon for […]

Preservation: "IMAGO President: Cost of Digitizing Europe's Film Heritage Could Cost 2 Billion Euros"

From The Hollywood Reporter: “Unless there is serious money invested in the digitization of the European film heritage, a lack of action in eight years time will result in the disappearance of newly produced films,” warned director of photography Nigel Walters, who is president of International Cinematographers Federation IMAGO. “If we do not digitize the […]

Europe: IMPACT Centre of Competence Aims to Make Historical Text Digitisation Faster and Cheaper

From the IMPACT Web Site: On 25 October 2011 Mr. Khalil Rouhana, Director for digital content and cognitive systems in DG Information Society and Media at the European Commission officially launched the IMPACT Centre of Competence at the IMPACT final conference in London. The IMPACT Centre of Competence aims to make digitisation of historical printed […]