January 19, 2022

New Report: “EPUB for Archival Preservation”

New from the KB/National Library of the Netherlands Departments of Collection and Collection Care. Written by Johan van der Knijff. From the Introduction: Over the last few years, the EPUB format has become increasingly popular in the consumer market. A number of publishers have indicated their wish to use EPUB for supplying their electronic publications […]

Reference: Book Industry Study Group Releases EPUB 3.0 Support Grid

From a BISG Announcement: To help content creators and executives make decisions in the rapidly evolving world of digital publishing — with its myriad devices and reading systems — BISG, through its Content Structure Committee has developed the EPUB 3.0 Support Grid. Recognizing the constantly shifting nature of digital publishing, the Content Structure Committee plans […]

EPUB Has Been Added as a Download Option for eBooks Series Volumes From Emerald Publishing

From Emerald: Emerald Group Publishing Limited has recently introduced the EPUB format to the download options of ebook series volumes available from the Emerald Insight website/database. It is expected that the availability of the EPUB format will facilitate the access and dissemination of research worldwide. As part of the publisher’s continuous Online Platform Development Programme, […]