May 24, 2022

Vanderbilt Digital Archive Recovers Lost Civil Rights Voices, Digitized Recordings Now Online

From Vanderbilt University Digitized versions of the original reel-to-reel recordings that author Robert Penn Warren conducted with Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and other key leaders in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement are now searchable through the Who Speaks for the Negro website housed at Vanderbilt University. [Clip] The original recordings are held at […]

Online Exhibit: Wayne State Libraries Presents Presents Historic 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike

From the AP: Wayne State University’s Walter P. Reuther Library and WSU University Libraries are making available an online exhibit documenting the 1968 sanitation workers strike in Memphis, Tenn. The online experience captures the landmark struggle that influenced the American labor and civil rights movements. The exhibit contains historic documents and photographs of the events […]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The King Center Imaging Project Goes Live on Monday, Thousands of Never-Before-Seen Documents Will Be Available Online

Direct to King Center Archive (Live Monday, January 16, 2012) From a News Release: JPMorgan Chase & Co.  working in partnership with AT&T Business Solutions and EMC, along with The King Center, today announced that The King Center Imaging Project’s website –