May 23, 2022

Reference: New Report From the Congressional Research Service: “Same-Sex Marriages: Legal Issues”

Title Same-Sex Marriages: Legal Issues RL31994 Author Alison M. Smith Source Congressional Research Service (via Federation of American Scientists) Direct to Full Text 35 pages; PDF From the Summary This report discusses DOMA [The Defense of Marriage Act] and legal challenges to it. It reviews legal principles applied to determine the validity of a marriage […]

Reference: New Congressional Research Service Report: Rising Gasoline Prices 2012

A new report (March 1, 2012) from the Congressional Research Service about a topic in the news. It has been made available online by the Federation of American Scientists. Title Rising Gasoline Prices 2012 March 1, 2012 Authors Neelesh Nerurkar, Specialist in Energy Policy Robert Pirog, Specialist in Energy Economics Source Congressional Research Service Direct […]

Mary B. Mazanec Named Director of Congressional Research Service

From The Library of Congress: Librarian of Congress James H. Billington has appointed Mary B. Mazanec as director of the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The appointment of Mazanec, who has served since April 2011 as CRS acting director, is effective immediately. [Clip] Before joining CRS, Mazanec worked from 2002 to 2010 with the U.S. Department […]

CRS Reports: Privacy Protections for Personal Information Online & 2 Additional Reports

Three Reports from the Congressional Research Service (via OpenCRS): 1. Privacy Protections for Personal Information Online There is no comprehensive federal privacy statute that protects personal information. Instead, a patchwork of federal laws and regulations govern the collection and disclosure of personal information and has been addressed by Congress on a sector-by-sector basis. Federal laws […]

"Future of the Congressional Research Service (CRS)" Discussion Held Earlier Today Now Avial via C-SPAN Video Library

UPDATE: Today’s Event is Now Accessible in the C-SPAN Video Library The “Future of the Congressional Research Service” discussion sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation that’s scheduled for this afternoon (May 9th) will air live on C-SPAN.  The program will begin at 2pm EDST/11am PDST and run for 90 minutes. You can find a link to […]

Daylight Savings Time: An Overview From the Congressional Research Service

Remember, Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am Sunday (March 12, 2011) in most of the U.S. Here’s the March 7, 2007 version of the CRS “Daylight Savings Time” (3 pages; PDF) report (RS 22284). It was written by Mark Gurevitz, Knowledge Services Group, Congressional Research Service. For More Time/Date Info Visit The site offers […]