May 22, 2022

Pilot Project: New Chicago High School Will House Public Library

From the AP: When the Wall-to-Wall International Baccalaureate School opens in 2013, it will house a full-service library that’ll be open to both students and members of the Back of the Yards community. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the new facility will become an anchor in a neighborhood that has been without a library for a […]

New Interactive Web App from Chicago Tribune: Chicago Aldermanic Salaries, 2008-2012

A new web app from the Chicago Tribune. Direct to App Search by Keyword Sortable Data Fields Name 2008 Salary 2009 Salary 2010 Salary 2011 Salary 2012 Salary 2009 Unpaid Days 2010 Unpaid Days 2011 Unpaid Days Direct to App See Also: Other Chicago Tribune Apps See Also: Background Articles from Chicago Tribune and The […]