May 23, 2022

C-SPAN’s Online Collection of More than 600 Searchable, Viewable Commencement Speeches

We’ve written many times about how wonderful and important the C-SPAN Video Library. This online library contains just about everything that has ever aired on C-SPAN back to when the network launched in 1987.  In many cases, every word in each program is searchable along with the metadata. All video can be viewed online. This […]

U.S. Congress: THOMAS Adds Direct Links to House Committee Hearings

From the In Custodia Legis Blog: In the same Current Activity box in the top right of the THOMAS homepage where we added (app) after Congressional Record Latest Daily Digest, there is now a link for House Committee Video.  There is a list of committees to select from.  On a committee page, either the live stream will […]

Christopher Hitchens: A Curated Collection of C-SPAN Appearances (View Online)

Writer, editor, and critic Christopher Hitchens passed away today. He appeared MANY times on C-SPAN and the C-SPAN Video Library Blog has posted a collection with some of his appearances that can be viewed online (free) via their online library. The curated collection is only a portion of what is accessible. The C-SPAN Video Library […]

"The C-SPAN Campaign: How Online Video Archives Are Changing the Game in 2012"

The article includes a mention of one of the most important, useful, and interesting research tools on the Internet, the award winning C-SPAN Video Library. It contains just about EVERYTHING that has ever aired on C-SPAN. One note, while the C-SPAN archive is focused on U.S. politics, you’ll also so much more. Also, the online […]

New From the C-SPAN Video Library: MP3 Audio Files Available for All Programs

Yet another new service (this one is low cost) from the award winning, essential, and wonderful (yes, we like it a LOT) C-SPAN Video Library. From the Video Library Blog: The C-SPAN Video Library is now offering MP3 audio files of all programs that are for sale. These files are 99 cents per program and […]