January 17, 2022

"Brazil Commits $7.5m to 'The Internationalization of Brazilian Literature'"

From Publishing Perspectives: Last year Brazil’s Nation Library Foundation’s “Program for Supporting The Translation and Publishing of Brazilian Authors Abroad” invested R$536,000 [US$343,000] with foreign publishers to support literary translation. This resulted in 68 different books published in 18 countries, including Spain, Germany, England, France, Italy, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Croatia among others. […]

Science: "Brazil to Digitalize Amazonian Biodiversity With Help of IBM"

From a Xinhua Article: The Brazilian government signed a partnership agreement with IBM on Wednesday, which will enable Brazil to digitalize information on Amazonian biodiversity with the help of the U.S. company. “We need to make a digital encyclopedia of Amazonian biodiversity,” said Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology Aloizio Mercadante, who signed the agreement […]