May 29, 2022

"Making Literature Social: Readmill Networks Lonely Bookworms"

From Spiegel Online: Traditionally, reading has been a solitary activity. But two Berlin-based Swedes hope to change this. They’re close to launching new software called Readmill, which promises to create a social network for bookworms to share their reading habits, margin notes and recommendations. [Clip] The pool table in the living room is covered by a wooden […]

Compilation: Slides and Other Materials from Books in Browsers 2011

Books in Browsers 2011 is over* and we’re compiling as many of the presentations as we can discover. Check this post often for new entries. A complete video archive of all presentations here is now becoming available online. Contributions Welcome! Wednesday Presentations (Books in Browsers Ignite) + Books as Social Objects Presenter: Henrik Berggren, Readmill […]

eBooks: A Live Stream of the Books in Browsers Event Later This Week Will Be Available

If you have an interest in ebooks, the future of publishing, future of reading, etc. the following event will be of interest. In fact, it’s required viewing. This Thursday and Friday at the Internet Archive in San Francisco, Books in Browsers 2011 will take place and we’ve learned from conference organizer Peter Brantley that the […]