May 23, 2022

Oxford University: A Look Inside the Bodleian Library’s Off-Site Storage Facility

From Completed in late 2010, the £26m computerised and climate-controlled building began receiving books, journals and maps almost immediately. There are 153.5 miles of shelves, each more than 30 feet tall and accessed by a total of 31 aisles. The 129,900 sqare feet of floor took eight days to lay with 280 truckloads of […]

Off-Site Storage: Bodleian Libraries Completes Swindon Move

From the BBC: The £26m warehouse in Swindon, which covers 13 acres and has 153 miles of shelving, is now home to many of the libraries’ lesser-used editions. [Clip] The project to relocate the books is now complete and has been hailed as “an extraordinary success”. Librarian Sarah Thomas said: “This has been an important […]

Golding’s 'Lord of the Flies' Manuscript Displayed for the First Time at Bodleian Libraries

The exhibition opened today at the Bodleian Libraries (Oxford University). From the Oxford Web Site: William Golding’s manuscript of his classic novel Lord of the Flies, on loan from the Estate of William Golding, will be on public display for the first time. Curated by his daughter, Judy Carver, the Bodleian exhibition marks the centenary […]

"Bodleian Library Partners with Read and Note to Enhance its Digital Collection"

Note: The product discussed below is described as a “notation realization system.” Via Paul Biba at TeleRead: The Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford announced today that it has entered into a final agreement with Read and Note to enhance access to the Libraries’ exceptional digital collection; in particular materials derived from the Oxford–Google digitization project and other […]