May 23, 2022

UK: Google Partners with Bloomsbury Public Library Online

From The Bookseller (UK): Google is partnering with Bloomsbury’s Public Library Online, sponsoring two of the digital library’s virtual bookshelves from January 2012 to February 2013. [Clip] Google copyright policy and communications management Simon Morrison said: “We have been talking to Bloomsbury for a little while. We’re sponsoring the two shelves because we share interests […]

"Bloomsbury Acquires National Archives (UK) Backlist"

From The Bookseller: Bloomsbury has purchased the backlist of The National Archives Publishing programme, and entered into an agreement to co-publish a range of forthcoming titles. The National Archives of the United Kingdom, in Kew, holds more than 1,000 years of government files from Foreign and Home Office records to colonial and military documents, with […]