May 21, 2022

New Webliography: Sustainable Agriculture Resources

The following resource was compiled by Michele DeSilva, the emerging technologies librarian at Central Oregon Community College’s Barber Library. It appears in the July/August 2012 issue of C&RL News. From the Introduction: The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines sustainable agriculture as a “way of practicing agriculture which seeks to optimize skills and technology […]

Reference: FDA Launches New Pediatric Drug Database

From WHYY: The Food and Drug Administration has just launched a new database with information about drug safety and efficacy for kids. Parents and doctors can search by drug or disease for information on how medications affect young patients, said Dr. Dianne Murphy, head of the FDA’s office of pediatric therapeutics. “Children are different in […] Lowercase Boolean Opeartors No Longer Work

A tweet and Facebook entry from the WorldCat team has announced that Boolean operators will now work ONLY when used in ALL CAPS. Lowercase versions of and, or, not have been added to the word exclusion list. Here’s an Updated WorldCat Word Exclusion (aka Stop List): English: a an and (lowercase) are as at be […]

PLoS Open Access Collection – Resources to Educate and Advocate

From the PLoS Blog: In keeping with PLoS’ mission, we periodically publish articles that explore the issues surrounding open access. This cross-journal collection provides some key resources to help educate and advocate for open access. New articles will be added to the collection as they are published at The collection of more than 25 […]

Workplace Learning Annotated Bibliography

Workplace Learning Annotated Bibliography (PDF) You might be asking yourself “Why an annotated bibliography on Workplace Learning and why now?” And that’s a fine question to ask! So much has changed just in the last 10 years in the area of what we know and understand about how people learn and how it applies in […]

Now Available Online: All Issues of Bibliography on Swiss History via National Library of Switzerland

From the National Library of Switzerland Web Site: Now all issues of the Bibliography on Swiss History (BSH) are available online. The BSH volumes 1913-1974 have been scanned, OCRd, structured and uploaded to the site under the heading “DDC-940: History of Europe”. The digitization was carried out with the agreement of the Swiss History […]

New Science Reference Guide From LC: History of Media Technology and Opera

From the Science Reference Section Science, Technology, and Business Division Library of Congress The guide includes: Definitions Brief History Books Additional Readings Online Stuff Access the Complete Guide

New Research Article (Provisional): "Open Bibliography for Science, Technology, and Medicine"

Title: Open Bibliography for Science, Technology, and Medicine Authors: Richard Jones, Mark MacGillivray, Peter Murray-Rust, Jim Pitman, Peter Sefton, Ben O’Steen and William Waites Source: Journal of Cheminformatics Abstract (Provisional): The concept of Open Bibliography in science, technology and medicine (STM) is introduced as a combination of Open Source tools, Open specifications and Open bibliographic […]

Reference: New: Annotated Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers' Books in the Library of Congress

From the Bibliography Web Site: The Library of Congress celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with this annotated bibliography of selected books in the Library of Congress collections authored by returned Peace Corps volunteers and a few former staff members. It contains a listing of 284 books published between 1964 and 2011. Each […]

UK: Reference: Select Bibliography of Terrorism Resources From UK House of Commons Library

Direct to Bibliography (7 Pages; PDF) A short selective bibliography of terrorism resources. This includes reports on terrorism legislation by the Independent reviewer and government policy. The bibliography was published on September 6, 2011 Almost every citation has a link to the full text document or web site.