January 26, 2022

New Digitized Collection: National Library of Wales' Oil Painting Collection Goes Online via Your Paintings Project

From the BBC: The National Library of Wales‘ entire collection of oil paintings has gone online for the entire population to enjoy as part of the Your Paintings project. Over 1,950 oil paintings in the library’s collection have been photographed and put on the website in the partnership project between the Public Catalogue Foundation and […]

Content: Project Barcelona to See BBC Open Archive for Downloads

From the BBC: BBC director general Mark Thompson has announced proposals allowing viewers to permanently download copies of their favourite shows from the archives. Mr Thompson said the plan – named Project Barcelona – would enable the purchase of programmes to own for a “relatively modest” fee. He added that the digital archive would stay […]

Take a Quick Look: "The New BBC Archive Centre at Perivale"

From the BBC Blog: The BBC archive is a rich historical resource that can track the evolution of broadcasting in documents, radio programmes, television programmes, photos, sheet music and vinyl collections. It really is one of the largest broadcast archives in the world (well over 12 million items in total). It is held on multiple […]

Audio: Release of "Labs" Version of New BBC Radio Homepage Now Live

Direct to Radio Homepage from BBC Labs: http://beta.bbc.co.uk/radio From a BBC Internet Blog Post by Chris Kimber: I’m an Executive Product Manager in BBC Future Media working on what will eventually (sometime during 2012) become the Radio and Music product, in line with the BBC’s strategy for a small number of cross platform products, as […]

BBC News Posts Its Social Media Policy

Direct to the BBC Social Media Policy (4 pages; PDF) From A Summary of the Guidelines The guidelines are divided into three sections: 1. Your own personal activity, done for your friends and contacts, but not under or in the name of BBC News 2. Activity for core news (eg breaking news), programmes or genres […]

Rent and Watch Dr. Who Episodes Online Via Facebook & New Facebook for "Every Phone" App

Google+ is getting a massive chunk of attention these days (this is probably an understatement) so we thought we would pass along two Facebook items. First, another example the massive amount of video content becoming available and viewable on the Internet. This time it comes from the BBC and is for users globally. Beginning today, […]

BBC Launches "Your Paintings"; 60,000 Paintings Online From UK National Collections + Crowdsourcing

From the BBC: Many people don’t realise that the UK has tens of thousands of paintings in its publicly funded museums and institutions that are not currently viewable by the public, either because they are in storage or are kept in buildings that are inaccessible to the general public. The vast majority of these paintings […]

"The BBC Debuts Experimental Semantic Programming Guide"

From a Gigom Article: The BBC’s R&D department unveiled an interesting take on the traditional electronic programming guide (EPG) this week that allows viewers to search for people, places and things across tens of thousands of movies and TV show episodes. Channelography is based on captions of close to 170,000 pieces of programming shown across […]

Nice, Very Nice! The BBC's Recently Launched "Desert Island Discs" Online Archive

UPDATE: “Desert Island Discs on mobile: A 70 year radio archive in your pocket (Radio 4 & Radio 4 Extra Blog) Direct to the Desert Island Disc Online Archive At the beginning of March we posted an item about the complete archive of the BBC radio program “Desert Island Discs” (first broadcast was in 1942) […]