May 18, 2022

Survey Reveals 100% Increase in Publishers Making Double-Digit Annual Revenues from eBooks

From Aptara and Publishers Weekly: Publishers Weekly (PW) magazine and Aptara announce that initial results from the 4th Annual eBook Survey of Publishers, conducted in April, reveal a 100% year-over-year increase in the number of publishers making greater than 10% of their annual revenues from eBooks (36% of eBook publishers surveyed as compared to 18% […]

Mass Digitization: Aptara Digitizing 730,000 Pages of Content for SAGE’s New eBook Platform"

From a News Release: Aptara announces the award of a 730,000 page digitization project from SAGE. Within 8 months, Aptara will transform a significant collection of legacy print titles into XML format for posting to SAGE’s eBook platform. Converting to the flexible digital format of XML gives SAGE the ability to easily repurpose their content […]