In 2004, the Society of American Archivists led A*CENSUS, the first broadscale survey of individual archivists in the United States in nearly thirty years. The initiative resulted in tremendous impact for the archival field.


Today I am thrilled to share that thanks to the Institute of Museum and Library Services, we will be working with SAA to build on the important work catalyzed by the initial initiative by providing an updated snapshot of the current state of the profession, its practitioners, and its supporting organizations, through A*CENSUS II.

Through A*CENSUS II, we will examine the current demographic characteristics of archivists and archival organizations, and how this makeup has shifted since the initial survey. We will identify the educational needs of archivists, the extent to which these needs are met, and the opportunities for addressing gaps. We will also explore the strategic direction archival organizations are taking and the resource challenges they face. Lastly, we will examine the extent to which archival workers and directors view their organizations as inclusive, equitable, and diverse.