March 23, 2018

News Roundup

1. New Wiki: American Archive of Public Broadcasting Launches Technical Preservation Resources Guide for Public Media Organizations (via AAPB Blog) 2. McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Cengage, and Pearson File Suit Against “America’s Largest Ebook Market” ( For Copyrught Infringement (13 pages; PDFt 3. ProPublica Reports on the Algorithms Facebook Uses to Determine Hate Speech vs. Political Expression […]

New Statistical Analysis Looks at Outcomes and Experiences of Early Millennials (U.S.) as Young Adults


The following research report was released earlier today by the National Center for Education Statistics. Title Early Millennials: The Sophomore Class of 2002 a Decade Later Source National Center for Education Statistics Background/Highlights By 2012, 96 percent of students who were high school sophomores in 2002 had completed high school, 84 percent of them had […]

Canada’s Supreme Court Orders Google to Remove Search Results Worldwide

From Torrent Freak: In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada has ordered Google to remove a company’s websites from search results. The case had nothing to do with copyright but according to music industry group IFPI, the implications are clear. When search engines link to illegal content, courts can compel them to permanently […]

Open Textbooks: OpenStax’s 2016 Partner Schools Expected to Save Students $8.2 Million


From Rice University: Eleven U.S. colleges and universities that partnered last summer with Rice University-based nonprofit publisher OpenStax to boost the use of freely available textbooks and learning materials on their campuses expect the program to save their students nearly $8.2 million — about $4 million more than projected — in the coming academic year. OpenStax, […]

Video Interview: Internet Founding Father Vint Cerf on ‘Cybersecuring’ the Internet of Things (IoT)

Donna Dodson from the National Institute of Standards (NIST) has posted a seventeen minute video conversation with Internet founding father and currently Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, Vint Cerf. Dodson writes in the Introduction: I recently had the chance to talk with the legendary Vint Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the internet. We […]

University of Arkansas: New Historical Digital Archive Tells the Story of an Early HBCU

From the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: The University of Arkansas has debuted a new online archive of materials relating to Southland College in Phillips County, Arkansas. The school, established in 1864, was the first institution of higher learning for African Americans in the United States founded west of the Mississippi River. More From […]

Mellon Foundation Awards the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) 24-month, $1.5 Million Operating Grant


From CLIR: The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has received a 24-month, $1.5 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support general operations starting July 2017. The grant provides funds for core administrative and management staff that support the broad range of CLIR’s programmatic activity. “The generosity and imagination of The […]

American Chemistry Society Files Suit Against Sci-Hub

UPDATE September 19 Publishers’ Legal Action Advances Against Sci-Hub (via The Scientist) UPDATE September 5, 2017  Sci-Hub Faces $4.8 Million Piracy Damages and ISP Blocking in American Chemistry Society Lawsuit (via Torrent Freak) Note 2: A hearing in the ACS case is scheduled for September 22, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Note 2: The TF article (above) also reports […]

News Roundup

1. CBO Releases  S. 760, OPEN Government Data Act Cost Estimate (via Congressional Budget Office) 2. Library of Congress Planning a Legislative Data Application Challenge (via FCW) 3. A New Attempt to Quantify the US Ebook Market, Part 1: Industry & A New Attempt to Quantify the US Ebook Market, Part 2: Authors (via The Hot Sheet) 5. Open […]

GPO Announces Digital Release of Historical Congressional Record for the 1950s


GPO continues to release digitized versions of the bound Congressional Record via a partnership with the Library of Congress. When the project concludes digitized versions of the Congressional Record back to the first one published by GPO on March 5, 1873 will be available online. Now, to today’s news. From the Government Publications Office: The […]