May 17, 2022

Wolfram|Alpha’s Steve Wolfram Says His Most Important Technology Project is Coming Soon

In a 2400+ word blog post, Wolfram|Alpha (one of the most useful and important tools for librarians, students, teachers, etc.) and Mathematica founder, Steven Wolfram, tells us that his most important tech project is in the works.

No launch dates, no specific examples, but a lot of broad language to give us an idea of what’s coming.

Stay tuned.

Wolfram writes:

Computational knowledge. Symbolic programming. Algorithm automation. Dynamic interactivity. Natural language. Computable documents. The cloud. Connected devices. Symbolic ontology. Algorithm discovery. These are all things we’ve been energetically working on—mostly for years—in the context of Wolfram|Alpha, Mathematica, CDF and so on.

But recently something amazing has happened. We’ve figured out how to take all these threads, and all the technology we’ve built, to create something at a whole different level. The power of what is emerging continues to surprise me. But already I think it’s clear that it’s going to be profoundly important in the technological world, and beyond.


A crucial building block of all this is what we’re calling the Wolfram Language.


We call it the Wolfram Language because it is a language. But it’s a new and different kind of language. It’s a general-purpose knowledge-based language. That covers all forms of computing, in a new way.

There are plenty of existing general-purpose computer languages. But their vision is very different—and in a sense much more modest—than the Wolfram Language. They concentrate on managing the structure of programs, keeping the language itself small in scope, and relying on a web of external libraries for additional functionality. In the Wolfram Language my concept from the very beginning has been to create a single tightly integrated system in which as much as possible is included right in the language itself.

As I said, the post is more than 2400 words. You can read much more here.

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They call Wolfram Language, “Knowledge Based Programming”

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