May 24, 2018

Roundup: Microsoft Investing $300 Million in Barne & Noble’s Digital Reading Business

Official Announcement Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership to Advance World-Class Digital Reading Experiences for Consumers Barnes & Noble Inc. and Microsoft today announced the formation of a strategic partnership in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary, which will build upon the history of strong innovation in digital reading technologies from both companies. […]

Report: “Creating the Future, a 2020 Vision and Plan for Library Service in New York State”

via a METRO Report: Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education and Acting State Librarian Jeffrey W. Cannell [recently] announced that the New York State Board of Regents Cultural Education Committee unanimously and enthusiastically accepted Creating the Future, a 2020 Vision and Plan for Library Service in New York State: Recommendations of the New York State Regents […]

New From ALA: Community Practices in the Fair Use of Video in Libraries

From an ALA District Dispatch Post by Carrie Russell: Librarians at schools, colleges and universities play an important role helping their users understand and apply copyright law. This makes sense because educational institutions are sites for learning, and the advancement of learning is the purpose of the copyright. Congress recognized the unique status of non-profit […]

Canada: Librarians Say Internet Cut Will Hurt Most Vulnerable Users

From the CBC: The Community Access Program helps 96 libraries in the province provide free internet access to members of the public. The Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association said the cut will hurt those who need the free service the most. “The NLLA is concerned that without CAP funding, people in rural and remote areas […]

South Carolina: “Wikipedia Research Taints Some 2010 Guilty Verdicts”

From The State (via The Item) The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned six guilty verdicts in a 2010 high-profile cockfighting trial because of a rogue juror’s use of the Internet during supposedly sealed-off jury deliberations. That juror, known only as Juror 177, then shared with some fellow members what he had learned […]

Rare, Once-Lost Pioneer Chinese Immigrant Docs Go Online

From Oregon Public Radio: Rare, once-lost historic records about pioneer Chinese immigrants to the Northwest have found a new life online. The digital archive is hosted by Oregon State University. A Chinese-American civic group hopes the document trove can help families locate ancestors gone missing early in the last century. This document collection includes names, […]

New National Archives Video Gives an Inside Look at the Volunteer-Supported Civil War Widows’ Pension Digitization Project

From a NARA News Release: A team of more than 60 volunteers led by professional staff at the National Archives has crossed the 100,000 mark in a project to digitize Civil War widows’ pension files and is featured in a new National Archives video short. The National Archives holds 1.28 million case files of the […]

New Reference Resource: Land Matrix (Global Database of Large-Scale Land Deals)

From the Land Matrix Web Site: The Land Matrix is an online public database of large-scale land deals. It provides a visualisation of records documenting land deals since 2000. The data you can explore represent about 50% of the entire data base. The remaining deals are being crosschecked and added, together with new data provided, […]

New Reference Publication Now Available: The Data Journalism Handbook

The web version (free) of The Data Journalism Handbook was released today. An ebook and a print version will be available soon from O’Reilly Media. Web Version: Direct to Full Text From an Introductory Blog Post: The handbook is a free, open source reference book for anyone interested in the emerging field of data journalism. […]