January 22, 2022

Child Welfare Information Gateway — State Guides & Manuals Search

State Guides & Manuals Search

The State Guides & Manuals Search links to online publications created by State agencies to describe their services and provide guidance on child welfare-related topics to both professional and personal audiences. The most common types of publications include policy or procedure manuals, administrative rules, licensing standards, handbooks for families involved with the child welfare system, or other guides explaining how the State provides child welfare services to families. The publications are organized by topic, covering a wide range of issues across the child welfare continuum. The search also identifies the primary intended audience for each publication.

The publications included in this search generally clarify how services are to be provided according to State law or policy. If you wish to access the text or a summary of a State’s child welfare laws, visit Information Gateway’s State Statutes Search, or the State Statute publication, Online Resources for State Child Welfare Law and Policy.

Currently the search includes publications written or approved by a State child welfare organization, such as a department of social services or State court. In addition, publications must be publicly available to view or download from States’ websites.

Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Hat tip: JV