May 24, 2022

Video Presentation: Library Renewal How?: An Open Discussion of Electronic Content Access and the Future of Libraries

Here’s Michael Porter’s (aka @libraryman) presentation at Electronic Resources and Libraries. The presentation took place in early April and was uploaded on Vimeo the other day.

Direct to Video (Runs 47 minutes)

Porter is the President of Library Renewal.

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Here are the Organization’s Core Beliefs:

  • We believe that society is made significantly stronger by the existence of libraries.
  • We believe our work and activities should be guided by exactly the same principles that guide our libraries.
  • We believe libraries are in grave danger of irrelevance if the issues around effective, competitive, top quality electronic content access through libraries isn’t solved properly and soon.
  • We believe it is necessary to create a new way for libraries and library users to access and distribute e-content, and we believe these new solutions need to be maintained and nurtured by people who understand both the importance of the issue, and who also act in accordance with the underlying principles guiding libraries.
  • We believe that if we stick to the guiding principles of libraries, we have no choice but to approach technology and electronic content access as an opportunity and a powerful tool that will improve our services, our communities and our society. This makes finding a solution imperative.
  • We are amazed by the accomplishments of the organizations currently delivering electronic content – companies like Apple (iTunes), Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Spotify – and believe a core question guiding our work must be: “If they can do this so well, why aren’t libraries offering similar electronic content services?” We seek the answers to this question, and plan to help solve the problem for and with libraries.
  • After years of learning, reading, investigation and careful thought, we believe that no existing organizations or businesses are set up, structured and properly designed from the ground up like ours, with an eye to address this issue for, and with, libraries. Only a new kind of organization can accomplish this and we believe Library Renewal, with our partners and with YOU will be that organization.
  • We believe that Libraries = Content+Community and we are structured in a way that demonstrates that. You’ll see this belief  in action as events and content increase as we grow. You’ll also see ways to keep up and get involved all over our site and also on a variety of active online social sites.
  • We believe our efforts need your voice, as well as the voices of your friends, family and community-at-large to create a successful movement. It’s the sort of thing that has kept our libraries open for hundreds of years, and it’s required more than ever to ensure our libraries stay open and vibrant for hundreds more.

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