January 17, 2022

EDAC: Evidence Database on Aging Care

EDAC: Evidence Database on Aging Care

Welcome to the Social Work Leadership Institute’s (SWLI) Evidence Database on Aging Care (EDAC). We created this online database to help scholars, policy analysts, and advocates stay on top of the latest research and innovations in aging care, including health care and social services.

The evidence database is regularly updated by a professional staff of contributors that filters, reviews, and catalogues articles published in professional journals both in the U.S. and abroad. An advisory committee of experts in gerontology, social work research, and database methods provides consultation and assistance in the selection of topics for inclusion in the database.

The database contains both “reviewed” articles and “unreviewed” citations/abstracts of articles. The variables that are captured for a reviewed article can be examined in detail under the Methodology tab. Articles are reviewed daily and the database updated frequently. Additionally, the search engine allows a user to perform a search under either, or both, catagories.

The role and scope section below explains in detail how each topic search was performed and the expanded search features allow you to refine your search through multiple keywords, topics, outcomes, and categories.

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Source: Social Work Leadership Institute at The New York Academy of Medicine