April 19, 2018

"Microsoft Research’s Video Search Hits the DOE"

From a TechNet Post (One of Many Microsoft Company Blogs): How do you find the utterance of a single phrase in 4+ hours’ worth of video. I gave up as I as trying to find that precise moment in the broadcast was a classic needle in a haystack problem. What if I could just search […]

"Scholars Favor Open-Access Journals, but Some Say Quality and Fees Are Concerns"

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: A new survey of nearly 40,000 scholars across the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences shows that almost 90 percent of them believe open-access journals are good for the research community and the individual researcher. But charges for publishing and the perception that open-access journals are of lower quality […]

New Audio, Transcript of MLK Speech

From a Wake Forest University News Center Item: In October of 1962, more than ten months before delivering his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King Jr. stepped to the podium in Wait Chapel and spoke to a crowd of 2,200. Nearly 50 years later, the public can experience that moment in Wake […]

New Full Text Book (Free) From MIT Press: Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property

The full text of the 652 page book can be downloaded as a PDF file for free. Title: Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property Edited by Gaëlle Krikorian and Amy Kapczynski From a Blurb on the MIT Press Web Site: At the end of the twentieth century, intellectual property rights collided with […]