May 22, 2015

NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) Releases Open Government Plan for 2012-2014

From the NARAtions Blog: On Friday, the National Archives released the updated Open Government Plan that will guide our efforts in transparency, participation, and collaboration for 2012-2014. Within our newly updated plan, you will see the specific items we plan to work on over the next two years, including: Strengthen our culture of open government […]

NARA’s Information Security Oversight Office Releases 32nd Annual Report to the President

From the News Release: The Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) today released its Report to the President for Fiscal Year (FY) 2011. The Report is available online. ISOO noted several positive developments: The number of persons granted original classification authority is at its lowest recorded level, standing at 2,362. Agencies reported a 43 percent reduction […]

Mississsippi State Joins Exclusive List as Presidential Library Host

From Mississippi St. U.: Mississippi State soon will officially serve as host to a presidential library–one of only five universities in the nation to share such a distinction. Ulysses S. Grant Association President Frank J. Williams will formally announce the decision of the organization’s board of directors to designate the Ulysses S. Grant Collection at […]

Archivist of the United States Names William Mayer (a Librarian) as Executive for Research Services

From NARA: Archivist of the United State David S. Ferriero announced today the appointment of William A. Mayer as Executive for Research Services for the National Archives and Records Administration, effective June 18, 2012. In making the announcement, Archivist Ferriero said, “Bill Mayer is uniquely qualified to lead a nationwide team in delivering world-class services […]

National Archives (NARA) Debuts its First Digitally Restored Film, View Online

From a NARA Announcement: The National Archives and Records Administration premiered the newly-restored 1949 film Navy recruitment film, The Sailor and the Seagull, last week in Beijing before a crowd of 300 at the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) Conference. This debut marked the National Archives’ first ever digital cinema theatrical release, and the […]

New National Archives Video Gives an Inside Look at the Volunteer-Supported Civil War Widows’ Pension Digitization Project

From a NARA News Release: A team of more than 60 volunteers led by professional staff at the National Archives has crossed the 100,000 mark in a project to digitize Civil War widows’ pension files and is featured in a new National Archives video short. The National Archives holds 1.28 million case files of the […]

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Asks NARA for Help Scanning Massive Backlog of Disability Claims

From NextGov: The Veterans Affairs Department has reached an agreement with the National Archives and Records Administration to help it scan disability claims into its electronic Veterans Benefits Management System, VA Chief Information Officer Roger Baker told reporters today. VA will roll out a paperless Veterans Benefit Management System at 16 regional offices by September […]

History: NARA Releases DocsTeach App for iPad


The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) released the app  DocsTeach iPad app (version 1.0) about two weeks ago.   From Fedscoop: The app allows iPad users to: Choose a historical era or topic to find an activity based on primary source documents such as the US Constitution, the canceled check for the purchase of […]

National Archives Announces Discovery of "Hitler Albums" Documenting Looted Art

From a NARA Announcement: Today at a ceremony in Dallas, David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, Dr. Greg Bradsher, Senior Archivist and Robert M. Edsel, President of the Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art and author of The Monuments Men, announced the discovery of two original leather bound albums containing photographs […]

NARA: Archives Crowdsources Advice on Federal e-Records Management

From NextGov: Ensuring electronic records management practices apply broadly across agency divisions and mandating a chief records officer serve at each agency are the most popular recommendations in a crowdsourced survey of best practices sponsored by the National Archives and Records Administration. The National Archives launched the IdeaScale page on Feb. 16 in response to […]