July 3, 2015

Macmillan Ebooks Pilot on OverDrive Begins In One Week

We’ve learned that the Macmillan ebook pilot that was announced at the end of January will launch on March 1st. Here’s Some of What OverDrive Told Library Partners in an E-Mail: Beginning March 1, more than 1,150 eBooks from Macmillan will be available in Content Reserve as a pilot program for US public libraries. The […]

Financial Times: NYPL Has Spent $1 Million on 45,000 E-books Since 2009

A new article from the Financial Times about the planned renovation of the New York Public Library’s 42nd St. Building includes the $1 million/45,000 ebooks number mentioned in the headline of our post. From the FT Article: …[NYPL President Tony] Marx also knows that the pressures for change are growing. As it happens, his institution […]

“Young E-Book Consumers Three Times More Likely to Use Social Media for Book Discovery”

From NextMarket : In a survey conducted of over 1200 US e-reading consumers in late 2012, NextMarket Insights discovered 64% of those who use an Amazon e-reader (non-tablet) as their primary e-reading device use e-book store rankings and reviews as a way to discover new e-books, 17% more than those who use iPads. Another interesting […]