July 7, 2015

Poll Finds Large Majority of Canadians Want Their Public Libraries Publicly Funded

From cnews/Canoe.ca: Politicians across Canada may want to close the book on pulling public funding for libraries. A new Leger marketing survey released exclusively to QMI Agency found an overwhelming majority of Canadians want their libraries kept publicly funded. While libraries ranked at the top of services Canadians want publicly funded, zoos ranked at the […]

Two Updated Reference Resources: Canada: "Health Profile" Database & "Women in Canada" (6th Ed.)

Both Items are Published by Statistics Canada. Access is free. 1. Recently Updated: Health Profile (Searchable Database) Features health region data from a number of sources including Statistics Canada’s health surveys, administrative data, and the census of population. The application is designed to give quick access to the latest health-related data available for a selected […]

Access to Information: Proactive Disclosure Initiative at Library and Archives Canada

From the Library and Archives Canada Web Site: Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is proactively developing monthly summaries of completed Access to Information requests concerning LAC‘s own operational records as well as the Government of Canada’s records of historical significance under LAC‘s custody and control. This information will be featured on LAC‘s website, in the […]

Open Data from Canada: DataBC [British Columbia] is Now Live; First Province to Launch Open Data Portal

Direct to DataBC Web Site From TechPresident: The province of British Columbia launched an open data portal today called DataBC that allows users to access information about schools, geology faults, and much more. British Columbia became the first provincial government to launch an open data portal with DataBC, which has made approximately 2,500 data sets […]

Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus in SKOS/RDF Format

From LAC: Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce a new downloadable version of the Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus in SKOS/RDF format. The Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus is a bilingual thesaurus consisting of terminology that represents all the fields covered in the information resources of the Government of Canada. Library […]

Celebrate Canada Day And Listen to Two Digitized Historic Recordings Available Online

From a Tweet and Web Page  by Heritage Vancouver Society: The Heritage Vancouver Society wishes everyone a happy Canada Day. To help celebrate in vintage air, we’ve digitised two Edison phonograph cylinder recordings, dating from 1909 and 1914: The Maple Leaf Forever (1909 recording) The Maple Leaf Forever, written by Alexander Muir (1830-1906) in 1867, […]

Library and Archives Canada Marks the Opening of the New Nitrate Film Preservation Centre

From LAC: Library and Archives Canada today marked the official opening of the new Nitrate Film Preservation Centre in the west end of Ottawa. The Centre, located on the Communications Research Centre Canada campus, was constructed on time and within budget, resulting in measurable long-term benefits and savings. The “state-of-the-art” facility features a range of […]

Library and Archives Canada: 2011-2012 Report on Plans and Priorities

Full Text Report From Section One of the Report: LAC and similar memory institutions in Canada, such as archives and libraries, are asking hard questions about what documentary heritage we should acquire, preserve and make available—not just for present-day users but for people in 50 or 100 years who want to understand the Canada of […]

Canada: Infographic: "Are Canadians the world's most extreme users of Facebook?"

From Techvibes: In Canada, there are 15,000,000 active users (logging in once per month or more) and 9,000,000 who log in every day—this, with only 34,000,000 people in the entire country. These Canadians spend an average of over 400 minutes, or 7 hours, per month on Facebook, and have the highest average number of friends […]

"Open Access Journal Growth in Canada: 2/3 of Learned Journals With Some OA"

Michael Geist writes that the recently released annual report by the Canadian Association of Learned Journals shows, “25 percent [of learned journals] are fully open access and an additional 39 percent have a ‘moving wall’ for open access.” Access the Canadian Association of Learned Journals Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF) Hat Tip and Thanks: Open Access […]