July 3, 2015

Reference: Canadian Government Launches Expenditure Database

From the Treasury Board of Canada: The tool gives Canadians a quick picture of how taxpayer dollars are spent and allows Parliamentarians to better analyse government expenditures. [Clip] The database allows users to search for spending information in three categories: by Authorities and Expenditures, which compares the amount of funding that was authorized to what […]

Canada: Ottawa Public Library Wants Readers to Buy Books Through Library Website

From Metroland Media/YourOttawaRegion.com: The Ottawa Public Library wants to become the second library in Canada to let people buy – not just borrow – e-books. On Feb. 11, the library board endorsed a plan to partner with an e-book publisher to put a purchase button for e-books on the library’s website catalogue. It’s a way for […]

Report: Ontario Public Library Assoc. Child and Youth Services Committee Teen Services Benchmarks and Statistical Report 2013

Here’s another new report out of Canada. Earlier this week we shared the “National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries” published by the Canadian Library Association. Today, a new report from Ontario. Direct to: Ontario Public Library Assoc. Child and Youth Services Committee Teen Services Benchmarks and Statistical Report 2013 (23 pages; PDF) From […]

New Report: “National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries”

New from the Canadian Library Association: CLA is pleased to launch the National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries. CLA Executive Council, under past-President Karen Adams, commissioned this research to provide CLA members with a current comprehensive overview of the activities of libraries in Canada. The statistics are supported by a compilation of statements […]

Canada: City of Montreal Archives Celebrates 100th Birthday

From The Montreal Gazette: The city of Montreal archives possess about four kilometres of historically significant records dating from as early as 1796. Among these are found vintage real estate evaluation rolls to the minutes of the very first council meeting held in 1833, at which Jacques Viger was selected as Montreal’s first mayor. The […]

Canadian Library and Publisher Groups Release RFI Seeking Partners to Develop Canadian-Made Solution To Improve eBook Access in Libraries

This RFI (request for information) was first posted on June 5th by eBOUND Canada and the Canadian Urban Libraries Council. From the CULC: “CULC/CBUC has been involved in a constructive collaboration for over 18 months with members of the broad Canadian publishing community, and we feel that the time is right to seek a Canadian-made […]

CRL, CRKN, and JISC Form Partnership to Explore Challenges in Acquisition and Preservation of E-Resources

From the Centers for Research Libraries (CRL): Recently CRL collection development staff met with the senior leadership of two major national site licensing organizations: the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and Joint Information Steering Committee of the Higher Education Funding Council, UK (JISC Collections). The meeting was to explore the special challenges of licensing and […]

Special Libraries: Canada: Human Resources Library Closure Part of Troubling Trend

From the Ottawa Citizen: The announcement that the departmental library at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada will be closed in little more than a year is “a generic problem,” says the member of a group protesting recent cuts and changes to the Library and Archives of Canada. “The federal government is really cutting back […]

Canada: "The Library is Not Just a Book Warehouse Anymore"

Libraries are not and were not book warehouses but we can have that conversation another time. A library is a library a book warehouse is called a book warehouse. From a Report in The Globe and Mail About the New City Centre Public Library in Surrey, British Columbia (Official Opening in One Month) There is […]

Scholarly Papers Publication Statistics: "Science in Canada, 2006-10" and "Field Rankings for Mexico, Jan. 2001-Apr. 2011"

1. “Science [and Social Science] in Canada, 2006-201o” Canada’s world share of science and social-science papers over a recent five-year period, expressed as a percentage of papers in each of 21 fields in the Thomson Reuters database. Also, Canada’s relative citation impact compared to the world average in each field, in percentage terms. 2. “Field […]