April 15, 2014

Queens Public Library Board Votes Not to Suspend the Library’s Director, Thomas Galante

From the NY Daily News: Following a five-hour meeting, much of it behind closed doors, the library’s board voted 9-9 not to force director Thomas Galante to take a leave of absence. The tie meant the motion to suspend did not carry. One board member, Terri Mangino, arrived from Florida at the last minute to […]

ALA Responds to Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal That Recommends Elimination of IMLS

From the American Library Association: In a new budget released today from Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), the House Budget Committee Chairman denounces the critical role that the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) plays in supporting civic engagement, literacy and lifelong learning in more than 123,000 libraries nationwide. Rep. Ryan recommends that the federal […]

Findaway World Launches AudioEngine Audiobook Distribution Platform


We mentioned Ohio-based Findaway World about one month ago on infoDOCKET when 3M announced that 40,000 audiobooks were now available to Cloud Library partners. Findaway World powers the 3M Cloud Library audiobook service. Now, Findaway World is announcing that their AudioEngine audiobook distribution platform (what 3M, MackinVia Follett, and Baker & Taylor already utilize) is […]

Cengage Learning Exits Chapter 11, Complete Restructuring

From Today’s Announcement: Cengage Learning announced today that it has emerged from Chapter 11, having completed its financial restructuring. “We have used the restructuring process to significantly reduce debt and associated costs, and substantially improve our capital structure while continuing to meet the educational and research needs of our customers and end-users,” said Michael Hansen, […]

New York Public Library Adds Book Recommendations Powered by Bookish/Zola Books & BiblioCommons


Say hello to the new “Books You Might Like” book recommendation service available via the NYPL OPAC. Powered by technology from NYC’s Bookish/ZolaBooks and Toronto’s BiblioCommons. From Today’s NYPL Announcement: The New York Public Library (NYPL) launched today a state-of-the-art book recommendation tool in its online catalog, BiblioCommons, to help Library users discover new books based […]

Privacy: Google Admits to Data-Mining Student Emails

From an EPIC Blog Post: In a sworn statement filed with a federal court, Google has admitted to scanning student emails to serve students targeted advertisements. Although Google does not display ads in Apps for Education, Google “does scan [student] email” to “compile keywords for advertising” on Google sites. Google has gained access to student emails pursuant […]

CNN Sells Zite to Flipboard, will Shut down Service in ‘Six Months or so’

CNN acquired Zite in 2011 for a little less than $20 million and today sold the service to Flipboard for a rumored $60 million. Fast Facts 1. Flipboard plans to shutdown Zite in six months or so (via Zite Blog) I don’t want this to be the type of acquisition announcement that glosses over all […]

Libraries and Museums: President Releases FY 2015 Budget Request, Includes $226,448,000 For IMLS


UPDATE Emily Sheketoff, Executive Director of the American Library Association’s Washington Office, comments on the budget request in the District Dispatch post, “Federal library funding cut in proposed budget”. President Obama released his FY2015 budget request today (via FDsys). A mobile version of the document is also available at: http://m.gpo.gov/budget/ Here’s some background about the $226,448,000 portion […]

OverDrive Acquires TeachersNotebook.com, a Marketplace for K-12 Teacher Created Resources


OverDrive has acquired New Jersey-based TeachersNotebook.com, a company/platform that supplies teacher-created K-12 educational materials. Teachers can open their own “shop” to sell the materials they develop.

OverDrive: Macmillan Expands its eBook Catalog to U.S. and Canadian K-12 Schools (12,000 Titles)

From OverDrive: OverDrive announced today that Macmillan’s entire eBook catalog is now available for schools in the United States and Canada. Macmillan previously offered 640 eBooks to schools in the U.S. and Canada in a pilot program [launched in early September 2013] with OverDrive, and is now opening their 12,000-title catalog. The catalog includes popular […]