March 24, 2017

ARL and AAUP Issue Statement Opposing Trump’s Immigration Order


FULL TEXT of a Joint Statement by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) & Association of American University Presses: President Trump’s recent executive order temporarily barring entry into the US by individuals from seven countries is contrary to the values held by libraries and presses, and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Association […]

Report: FCC’s New Chairman Introduces Plan to Scale Back Net Neutrality Transparency Rules

UPDATED March 7, 2017 American Library Association Adds Name to Coalition Letter to Keep the Net Neutral  ||| Direct to Full Text Letter (8 pages; PDF) From The Verge: In an early move as head of the agency, the new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, circulated a plan to close the door on some […]

Roundup: “Trump Silences Government Scientists with Gag Orders”

UPDATED 6:30 PM “Information Lockdown Hits Trump’s Federal Agencies” (via Politico) Approx. 2000 word article. Federal agencies are clamping down on public information and social media in the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency, limiting employees’ ability to issue news releases, tweet or otherwise communicate with the outside world, according to memos and sources from […]

Report: “Ransomware Attack Makes All St. Louis Public Library Computers Inoperable”


UPDATE 10:00AM (Saturday, Jan. 21, 2016) St. Louis Public Library OPAC Once Again Accessible Online UPDATE 8:30pm (Friday, Jan. 20, 2016) St. Louis Public Library Regains Control Of Server But Computer Services/Checkouts/OPAC Remain Unavailable (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch) UPDATE (Friday, Jan. 20, 2016) Letter to Library Patrons by Waller McGuire, Executive Director of the St. […]

Two Reports: “Librarian’s List of ‘Predatory’ Journals Reportedly Removed Due to ‘Threats And Politics'”

From Inside Higher Ed: An academic librarian’s lists of “predatory” journals and publishers on Sunday vanished from the internet without explanation. His business partners now say he was forced to shut down the website. [Clip] People first noticed Beall’s website had been wiped on Sunday. The pages that contained the lists now read “This service […]

DPLA to Expand Access to Ebooks with $1.5 Million in New Funding From Sloan Foundation

From DPLA: The Digital Public Library of America is thrilled to announce that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has awarded DPLA $1.5 million to greatly expand its efforts to provide broad access to widely read ebooks. The grant will support improved channels for public libraries to bolster their ebook collections, and for millions of readers nationwide to […]

Oregon: Douglas County Plans to Close Its Public Libraries Later this Year

From KLCC: The Douglas County Board of Commissioners is preparing to close its 11 branch libraries later this year. The board says it can no longer afford to fund the system. [Clip] County Commissioners say because of declining timber revenue, they have had to pare down services. The most recent casualty is libraries. In the […]

ALA and Google Launch “Ready to Code University” Pilot Program (Phase Two)

From the American Library Association: Today, the American Library Association (ALA) and Google, Inc., announced a call for Library and Information Science (LIS) faculty to participate in Phase Two of the Libraries Ready to Code project. This work will culminate in graduate level course models that equip MLIS students to deliver coding programs through public and […]

Missouri: Kansas City Public Library Investigates Swastika Graffiti Found Inside Central Library

From KCUR Radio: Kansas City Public Library officials say they plan on pressing charges after several marks of racist, misogynistic and anti-Semitic graffiti were found inside the Central Library location downtown Sunday. [Clip] “Something of this magnitude has never happened at our library, and all of us our shaking our heads because we are so […]

Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Public Library Dedicates Space for Truth and Reconciliation


From the CBC: Saskatoon is now home to what is believed to be the first library space in the province permanently dedicated to reconciliation. Today, Saskatoon’s Frances Morrison Central Library will launch the Read for Reconciliation area. The space will include a full set of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports, as well as numerous books about Canada’s […]