January 18, 2019

The Jan/Feb 2019 Issue of Library of Congress Magazine Focuses on the Library’s Film Collections and Film Preservation Work


From LC: With a new look for 2019, this issue features the robust film collections of the Library of Congress and our efforts at preserving historical and contemporary cinema of all kinds for generations to come. Articles in this issue include: Happy Birthday, Film Registry Red Tape to The Rescue Reel Treasure Saving Film in […]

Now Available Online: UCSB Library Digitizes Works by Renowned Chinese Author Kenneth Pai


From the University of California, Santa Barbara Library: Original, handwritten manuscripts by an author who has been called a Nobel Prize contender and compared to Ernest Hemingway are now available for everyone around the world to see. Pai Hsien-yung, also known as Kenneth Pai, was a professor of Chinese literature at UCSB from 1965 to […]

Report: “Wikipedia Has a Diversity Problem, But These Librarians Want to Help” (Interview with USC’s Elizabeth Galoozis)

From PC Magazine: Wikipedia, which turns 18 this week, is now viewed 6,000 times every second and more than 200,000 editors contribute every month. Before Wikipedia came along, information cataloging and dissemination used to be a matter of rigorous scholarship. Encyclopedia editors were revered and respected academics, mostly from privileged backgrounds, who focused on the “official canon” […]

16 Consumer Organizations Announce New Framework for US Privacy Protection, Propose Privacy Agency

From EPIC: EPIC joined 16 organizations in support of a “A Framework for Privacy Protection in the United States.” The consumer groups outlined a new approach to privacy protection: (1) enact baseline federal legislation; (2) enforce fair information practices; (3) establish a data protection agency; (4) ensure robust enforcement; (5) establish algorithmic governance; (6) prohibit […]

Ithaka S+R Releases Report on the Research Practices of Civil and Environmental Engineering Scholars


From an Introductory Blog Post by Rebecca Springer: The latest installment in Ithaka S+R’s series of Research Support Services projects investigates the research practices and support needs of civil and environmental engineering scholars. Today we are excited to publish the project’s capstone report. [Clip] This project was carried out with the generous support of the […]

Report: “Ebooks Seem Like ‘Netflix for Libraries,’ But They’re a Drain on Budgets”


From The Philadelphia Inquirer: The book-crammed Free Library of Philadelphia has found a way to stay relevant in the 21st century: ebooks. Last year, 28 percent of the Free Library’s total circulation of more than five million books came from ebooks and other digital content. But it hasn’t been nirvana for the library and its […]

Israel: “New Legislation Allows Israeli Cultural Institutions Greater Freedom to Digitize Their Archives – Without Fear of Lawsuits”

From The Jerusalem Post: Now, following an amendment to the Copyright Law passed in the Knesset on January 1, the library and other cultural institutions in Israel will have much greater freedom to digitize and share their vast holdings without the fear of lawsuits. Those who lobbied for the amendment – including the National Library […]

Roundup (January 17, 2019)

1. Hack Brief: An Astonishing 773 Million Records Exposed in Monster Breach (via Wired) 2. New Market Research Shows Amazon Exceeds 100 Million US Prime Members (via CIRP) 3. In the UK: Jisc Helps The Higher Education Sector Save Almost Half a Million, Thanks to Affordable Digital Archive Collections 4. Court Rejects FCC Request To […]

Harvard Library and MIT Libraries Provide Recommendations for Plan S Implementation

From MIT Libraries: Harvard Library and the MIT Libraries are committed to fostering a scholarly communications environment which advances the values of openness, equitable access, transparency, responsible stewardship, and flexible reuse. Aligned with these commitments, we are in broad support of Plan S and its goals to ensure that publicly funded research is made openly […]

New Zealand: Digital Portal Allows Worldwide Access to Sarjeant Gallery (Whanganui)


From The New Zealand Herald: While the Sarjeant Gallery resides in its temporary home at Sarjeant on the Quay, public access to the collection has actually never been better. The Explore the Collection digital portal allows anyone with access to the internet to search the entire Sarjeant collection according to filters of their choice – […]