August 20, 2017

Report: Library Fire in Southern Italy Causes Three Deaths and Destruction of Priceless Renaissance Books

From The Telegraph: Italian magistrates on Sunday opened an inquiry into the causes of a fire that gutted an aristocrat’s library in the southern city of Cosenza on Saturday, killing three people living in an adjacent apartment and destroying ‘priceless’ works by the Renaissance philosopher Bernardino Telesio and letters to Galileo Galilei,  judicial sources said. […]

Research Tools: Public Opinion: Pew Research Center Updates Global Indicators Database


From Pew Research Center “Fact Tank”: Since 2002, Pew Research Center has conducted more than 500,000 interviews with people in 64 countries to learn their views about international and domestic politics, economics and other front-burner topics. Our newly updated Global Indicators Database serves as an interactive repository of these findings. You can use the database […]

Video: “The Objects of Houghton Library: Past, Present and Future” (Lecture by Ann Blair)

The following video was recorded earlier this year in Cambridge, MA. and made available online earlier this week. Ann Blair is Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor at Harvard University, where she specializes in the cultural and intellectual history of early modern Europe (16th-17th centuries), with an emphasis on France. Her interests include the history of […]

A New Special Issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) Devoted to Libraries as Publishers is Now Online


A new issue (Summer 2017; Vol. 20, No.2) of The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) was published online today and contains the proceedings of the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) 2016 Satellite Meeting, “Libraries as Publishers: Building a Global Community.” Introduction to IFLA Special Issue by Ann Okerson Approaches to Library Publishing Services in Latin America […]

News Roundup

1. Authors Alliance Joins SPARC, Internet Archive, and Others in Support Of Transparency and Balanced Copyright Policy Note: Groups signing letter include Internet Archive, SPARC, Creative Commons, EFF, and others 2. CSU San Marcos Launches Online Archive To Document San Diego’s Craft Brewing Industry ||| Direct to Archive 3. Citing hate speech, Google suspends social media site […]

Remove or Shutdown: Cambridge University Press Blocks Access to 315 “China Quarterly” Articles From Within China

UPDATE Materials From Cambridge University Press Statement from the Editor of China Quarterly Statement from Cambridge University Press List of 315 Articles and Books Removed Removed — Two reports. From Quartz: Cambridge University Press (CUP) said it has pulled over 300 articles and book reviews on its China site from the China Quarterly (CQ), one […]

Cultural Heritage: New Task Force Report on “Making Audiovisual Media a First-Class Citizen in Europeana”


From a Europeana Pro Blog Post: As audiovisual media have become a major source of both entertainment and information throughout our 20th and 21st centuries, the Audiovisual Media Task Force present their final report and recommendations. [Clip] Recommendations The Task Force aimed to formulate recommendations regarding ’audiovisual content in Europeana’ in three specific areas: 1. […]

Statement: Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) on White Supremacist Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia


Here’s the full text of an APALA Statement on White Supremacist Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia released today. The Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) extends its deepest sympathies to the friends and families of those who perished and were injured during the violent White supremacist riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. APALA sees the racist riot in Charlottesville as the […]

Research Tools: ProPublica, Google News Lab, Pitch Interactive, and Others Launch “Documenting Hate News Index”


From a Google News Lab Blog Post: Hate crimes in America have historically been difficult to track since there is very little official data collected and what does exist, is incomplete and not very useful for reporters desperate to find out the facts. This led ProPublica — with the support of the Google News Lab — to form Documenting Hate […]

Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center Releases Comprehensive Report, Analysis of Online Media and Social Media Coverage of 2016 Presidential Campaign


From Harvard Law Today: The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University has released a comprehensive analysis of online media and social media coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. The report, “Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election,” documents how highly partisan right-wing sources helped shape mainstream press coverage […]