March 22, 2017

Institutional Repository LinkOut: A New Full Text Access Feature in PubMed

From the NLM Tech Bulletin: PubMed users can now see the icon that links to the full text deposited at an institutional repository (IR) using LinkOut. The LinkOut service allows you to link to full text, library holdings, and other relevant external resources from PubMed and other NCBI databases. The new institutional repository icons will […]

News Roundup

1. White House to Make Financial Disclosures Public Beginning on March 31st (via 2. Discovery: LinkedIn Introduces Trending Storylines: Curated Interest-Based News Feeds News on Your LinkedIn Feed 3. A Look at Digital Preservation of University of Michigan Library’s Audio Collections (via U of M Library Tech Talk)

Reference: A New BLS “Spotlight on Statistics” Offers Stats About Women at Work in the U.S.

A new “Spotlight on Statistics” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a collection of statistics (including many data visualizations) about working women in the U.S. The spotlight is available in both HTML and PDF. Data/Charts included in the report (along with links to primary sources): How Women and Men Spend Their Time, 2015 Average Annual Spending […]

Archivist of U.S. Sends Memo to Government Agency Records Management Officials Re: Top Priorities For 2017

From NARA: The Archivist of the United States [David Ferriero recently] sent a memorandum to Senior Agency Officials for Records Management (SAORM) and agency records officers. The memo reminds them of their federal records and information management responsibilities and specifically addresses three high visibility priorities for 2017: electronic messaging and encrypted messages; managing web records; […]

Reference Roundup: A Selection of New Research and Data-Rich Reports Available on the Open Web

Ed. Note: This roundup is currently being curated. New items are added daily. The most recent completed roundup includes more than 100 items and can be accessed here. Global Asia China’s Engagement of North Korea: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe (via SIPRI) 69 pages; PDF. Censorship The State of Internet Censorship in Thailand (via Open Observatory of Network Interference, […]

New Report: “Towards a Competitive and Sustainable OA Market in Europe – A Study of the Open Access Market and Policy Environment”


From OpenAire: In October 2016,  Research Consulting, within the scope of the OpenAIRE Work Package dealing with the FP7 Post Grant Open Access Pilot (WP5), was commissioned by LIBER to undertake an economic analysis study of the Open Access publishing market: “Towards a Competitive and Sustainable OA Market in Europe – A Study of the Open […]

Italy’s Minister of Cultural Heritage Gives Go Ahead to Develop Italian Digital Library

From I*Italy: A new national archive is about to come to Italy. It’s called the Italian Digital Library, and its goal is to preserve, share, and promote the vast history of the boot. According to Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Activities, and Tourism, the contents stored in Italy’s 101 archives and 46 libraries will […]

De Gruyter Launches Open Access Book Library and Also Provides Sponsorship to Directory of Open Access Books

From De Gruyter: De Gruyter is providing sponsorship for the Directory of Open Access Books to celebrate the launch of the De Gruyter Open Access Book Library on which is intended to draw attention to the growing number – and growing importance – of open access books. Not only does the Library contain all […]

Journal Preprint: “Mendeley Readership as Filtering Tool to Identify Highly Cited Publication”

The following full text article (preprint) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) and was recently shared on arXiv by the authors. Title Mendeley Readership as Filtering Tool to Identify Highly Cited Publication Authors Zohreh Zahedi Leiden University, Netherlands Rodrigo Costas Leiden University, Netherlands Paul […]

Reference: New Data/Report: Certification Status and Experience of U.S. Public School Teachers

New report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). From NCES: At least 90 percent of the nation’s public school students were taught by state certified teachers in 2011-12 (school year), 2013, and 2015, according to a new report. It also reports, at least 75 percent of students had a teacher with more than […]