February 22, 2017

Open Access Policy Adopted by Indiana University Bloomington Faculty

From Indiana University Bloomington Libraries: The Bloomington Faculty Council unanimously approved an Open Access policy this afternoon that ensures that faculty scholarship will be accessible and available to the public for future generations. [Clip] Adopting such a policy reduces barriers to research and learning by making research available on the public internet to be downloaded and […]

University of Maryland: Mold in McKeldin Library’s Basement Could Cost up to $1 Million To Fix

From The Diamondback (U. of Maryland-College Park Students Newspaper): “The bottom line is that there is a recurring mold problem in McKeldin,” said Eric Bartheld, McKeldin Library’s communication director. “Thankfully — now — the mold is dormant. But we expect it to bloom again when the weather is warmer and the air is wetter.” Mold […]

Tennessee: “Nashville Seeks To Fill Its Library ‘Deserts'”

From Nashville Public Radio: The Nashville Public Library last created a master plan for its facilities in 1996. So [Larry] Price, [assistant director of branch services]. said it was time to evaluate demographic changes and determine whether its branches were large enough and in the right locations. “And we were also looking for … where […]

Georgia State University Library Documents the Women’s Marches

From the Georgia St. University Library Blog: On January 21, 2017, the Women’s March on Washington took place in the nation’s capital, and sister marches were held across the nation and worldwide. A concerted effort is underway to document the marches in every state, and Georgia State University’s Special Collections is committed to collecting materials […]

Canada: Expect Toronto’s Newest Library Bookmobile to be Packed with Technology as Well as Books

From the CBC: The city’s Library Board will be updated on Tuesday about the state of a new bookmobile that will be hitting the streets later this year. [Clip] Right now there are two bookmobiles that visit apartment buildings, community centres, and even shelters in areas of Toronto where there isn’t easy access to a […]

Reference: New U.S. Transportation Data: “3.2 Trillion Miles Driven On U.S. Roads in 2016″


From the Federal Highway Administration:/U.S. Dept. of Transportation: New estimates released today by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) show that U.S. driving topped 3.2 trillion miles last year. It is the fifth straight year of increased mileage on public roads throughout the nation, and underscores the demands facing America’s roads and bridges, and reaffirms calls for […]

News Roundup

1. Program for DPLAfest 2017 Now Available Note: Event scheduled for April 20 and 21, 2017 in Chicago .  2. Penn Libraries’ Community Outreach Program Exponentially Expands Engagement with Greater Philadelphia Area Schools 3. Library Copyright Alliance (ACRL, ALA, ARL) Submits Second Round of Comments on U.S. Copyright Office Section 512 Study 4. ALA President-Elect, Jim […]

ALA, ARL, CBLDF, EFF, NCAC, and Others Issue Statement Condemning Proposed DHS Password Policy

From a CBDLF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) Blog Post: CBLDF has joined a statement condemning a Department of Homeland Security proposal that would require non-citizens to provide their social media passwords as a condition of entering the United States. The statement warns, “Freedom of expression and press rights, access to information, rights of association, and […]

Primary Sources: DHS Immigration Enforcement Guidelines (U.S. Government Documents in the News)

The following memoranda and related materials were released by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvement Policies 13 pages; PDF. February 20, 2017. Enforcement of the Immigration Laws to Serve the National Interest 6 pages; PDF. February 20, 2017. Additional Resources FACT SHEET: Executive Order: Border Security […]

Corporate Crime: Violation Tracker Database Expands Coverage and Adds New Documents


From Today’s Update Announcement: Violation Tracker, a public service of Good Jobs First’s Corporate Research Project, today posted updated enforcement records showing that between Election Day and the inauguration, the Justice Department and other federal agencies obtained more than $20 billion in penalties and settlements from dozens of companies accused of a wide range of […]