Migration to New Worlds

Marlborough, UK – November 4, 2015) Award-winning digital content provider Adam Matthew is delighted to announce the launch of Migration to New Worlds, a new, multi-archive digital primary source collection bringing individual migration stories online for the first time.


Unique material in the collection documents the "Century of Immigration" (1800-1924) – a period when hundreds of thousands of migrants left their homelands in Great Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe, India, China, Japan and other Asian countries to start new lives in the United States, Canada and Australasia.


Migration to New Worlds enables teachers, researchers and students to discover unique diaries, personal letters, oral histories and journals; each narrating the intimate journeys and challenges immigrants faced when settling in foreign countries.


Using the collection’s customized research and teaching tools, users can experience how immigrant families lived in New York’s Lower East Side, explore Victorian shipping conditions and discover how migration changed over time. Themes covered include:

“This ambitious resource allows students and scholars to understand – perhaps for the first time – the individual, personal and local stories that underline the impersonal, statistical and global history of migration,” commented consultant editor, Professor Andrew Linn University of Sheffield.


Collection highlights include:

Migration to New Worlds is available for free, 30-day trial access. It joins Adam Matthew’s portfolio of more than 70 titles of digital primary source collections for the humanities and social sciences. See www.amdigital.co.uk