Adam Matthew launches Colonial America, a vital research collection on early American history

(Marlborough, UK – September 9, 2015) Award-winning digital publisher Adam Matthew is pleased to announce the launch of Colonial America – the complete CO5 files from The National Archives, UK, 1606-1822.


A game-changing development for historians and researchers of early America, the Atlantic world, the Caribbean and the nascent British Empire, Colonial America enables online access to this vast archive of 70,000 documents of manuscript material for the first time.


Colonial America covers all aspects of seventeenth and eighteenth-century American history, including:

Seasoned scholars and researchers have clamored for access to this material for years. Extensive cataloging of the high-quality, color digital images by Adam Matthew’s editorial team has instantly elevated discoverability, providing new research opportunities previously only available to visitors accessing the raw materials in London.


“It has been a long-held ambition of ours to make this essential content available to the academic community," commented Managing Director, Khal Rudin. "It is immensely satisfying to see our hard work and major investment realized and the significant contribution to research this collection will offer."


Colonial America will be released over five years starting with Module I: Frontier Life, Early Expansion and Rivalries, which is available for free 30-day trial now. Colonial America joins Adam Matthew’s growing portfolio of more than 70 titles of digital primary source collections for the Humanities and Social Sciences. See