December 5, 2021

Info Industry Headlines: News from Worlfram|Alpha; SAGE; Copyright Clearance Cntr, Klout; and IEEE

1. Introducing Wolfram Personal Assistant Apps for iOS 2. SAGE acquires six journals from A B Academic 3. Copyright Clearance Center’s Academic Pay-Per-Use Services Offer Entire Book Reuse Rights 4. Klout adds Foursquare checkins to better measure your social influence 5. IEEE Announces Expanded Service Agreement with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

International Business Research: Wolfram|Alpha Adds Data From World Bank's "Doing Business In" Dbase

Wolfram|Alpha (an essential research tool that grows more essential just about each week) has added data from the World Bank’s “Doing Business” in database. From the W|A Blog: This data covers a wide range of issues, including import/export costs, business tax rates, and the time required to complete various business-related activities. Try the following examples […]

New Data and More Data Means Even More Reasons to Use Wolfram|Alpha

One of our most favorite and used resources continues to add quality data and then allows you to use the data for your factual needs. In doing this W|A continues to be the “go to resource” for many types of factual queries. As we’ve said in the past, the biggest challenge in using Wolfram|Alpha is […]

Attention ANDROID Users! ONE DAY ONLY! Wolfram|Alpha App is Available For Free

The Wolfram|Alpha Blog has the details along with a link to the to the Amazon Appstore where you can download  the app. You might also want to know that each day Amazon’s Appstore takes a fee-based app and makes it the “Free App of the Day.”

You Can Now Genetate QR Codes Using Wolfram|Alpha

          Wolfram|Alpha has made the announcement earlier today they’ve added a QR code generator to their database service. Yet another service that makes W|A a resource that should always be considered to provide answers (not links) to a variety of questions and other info needs. Each code can have up to  […]

"Sunscreen, Wolfram|Alpha, and Facts: The Ultimate Beach Essentials"

From the Wolfram|Alpha Blog: While we were nestled by our office heaters, drinking Swiss Miss, and dreaming of the bright sunshine, [the W|A hq is located in Champaign, IL] we developed a few new tools in Wolfram|Alpha that give you facts on how to keep your skin healthy while enjoying the Sun. To get started, […]