June 12, 2021

Now Available: Living Web Archives (LiWA) Newsletter #3 Summarizes Results and Findings of Project

Note: The final LiWA project review took place in Luxembourg on March 11th, 2011. From the Newsletter: Web content plays an increasingly important role in the knowledge-based society, and preservation and longterm accessibility of Web history have high value. The European funded project LiWAs looked beyond the pure “freezing” of Web content snapshots for a […]

Online Archive of University of Michigan Web Sites, Pages Now Publicly Available

The California Digital Library (CDL)  has announced that the University of Michigan Web Archive curated by Nancy Deromedi and Michael Shallcross was recently made publicly access on the web. The Bentley Historical Library (BHL) at the U. of Michigan partners with CDL’s Web Archiving Service. From a CDLInfo Post: The University of Michigan Web Archive contains 490 archived sites from the umich.edu […]

"Lessons From the Library: Behind the UK's Web Archive"

From Computer Weekly: The truth is that the British Library has some of the most experienced and talented technologists in the IT and communications space, applying cutting-edge technology to solve some pretty tough and very interesting problems. And their mission is not to bring a traditional institution into the modern age, because it’s already there. […]

How Federal Agencies Can Effectively Manage Records Created Using New Social Media Tools

How Federal Agencies Can Effectively Manage Records Created Using New Social Media Tools To date, federal agencies have largely been on their own in terms of how to manage records created via social media tools. This historically decentralized approach has resulted in some agencies banning the use of social media while other agencies have rapidly […]

Article: "A Tangled Web of Shortened Links"

From a Technology Review Article: Last month, the Libyan government temporarily cut off access to the Internet within the nation’s borders. The goal was to control the flow of information to the public and disrupt coordination among the demonstrators. The shutdown failed to do either, but for a while it threatened to have an odd […]

Twitter Archive TwapperKeeper Will Continue Online But Lose a Useful Feature

TwapperKeeper is a service allowing users to create personalized and permanent archives of tweets. Users can create archives based on keywords, hashtags, and from specific users. The basic service is free. Many use the service to archive tweets from conferences they are organizing or attending. TwapperKeeper also offers keyword searching and direct permalinks. Another feature […]