May 18, 2022

Cool! Create Heat Maps With Bing & "Relevant" iPhone App Results Now Visible on Bing Mobile Search Results Pages

A busy week at Bing. A couple of days ago we pointed out that Bing had updated their mobile site ( with several new features including an option to view a map and directions simultaneously. Today, two more new features from Bing. 1.  Info Visualization: “New Heat Map Creator app makes heat maps easy” (via […]

A New and Very Cool Cameraphone/Visual Search App: Identify Trees in a Snap With LeafSnap

A couple of weeks ago we posted about a new mobile app (for iOS) that lets users take a cameraphone picture of a food item and then, in a few seconds, receive nutritional info about that item. We also talked about a free app from LTU Technology allowing users to take a picture and then […]