May 23, 2022

Oxford University, Vatican Libraries to Digitize Works

via Reuters: The Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford and the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV) said on Thursday they intended to digitize 1.5 million pages of ancient texts and make them freely available online. The libraries said the digitized collections will centre on three subject areas: Greek manuscripts, 15th-century printed books and Hebrew manuscripts […]

Vatican's Library begins to Digitize 80,000 of Its Manuscripts With NASA Technology (Video)

From Rome Reports: The library is taking a giant leap to the web. By using NASA technology, it’s planning on scanning 80,000 of its manuscripts. The technology used is called FITS, which stands for Flexible Image Transport System. So far the process was divided in three stages. The first included scanning 8,000 of the 80,000 […]