May 18, 2022

State Library of Kansas Partnering With Bilbary For eBook Sales to Users

From Publisher’s Weekly: The state library of Kansas this week said that it will partner with upstart e-bookseller Bilbary to facilitate patrons wishing to buy e-books. State librarian Jo Budler told PW that the library would soon add a link to Bilbary on its Web site as an option for patrons, and while the library […]

E-Books: Bilbary Partnering With Libraries in the U.S. and U.K.

From The Telegraph: Tim Coates, whose ebook store Bilbary was announced earlier this week, said that the difference in costs between selling a physical book and an ebook meant that digital versions should be much cheaper. [Clip] Mainstream publishers “don’t want to do renting at the moment”, Coates said but he said he expected that […]