May 24, 2022

New: Combating Terrorism Center at West Point Makes Bin Laden Documents Available Online

From the CTC Web Site: [The] Combating Terrorism Center at West Point [has] release[d] a number of documents from the compound in Abbottabad where Usama bin Ladin was killed last year.  In addition to English translations of the documents and the original versions in Arabic. Direct to Report (17 pages; PDF) This report is a […]

New: "Searchable Database Memorializes American Terrorism Victims Back to 1970"

From the The Oklahoman ( The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism has launched a searchable database of terrorism victims dating back to 1970. The database includes more than 4,000 names of Americans killed in acts of terrorism. The victims also are memorialized by a 60-by-20-foot flag hanging from the ceiling of the institute’s […]

New: Official eBook Version of 9/11 Commission Report From GPO Available

From a GPO Announcement (PDF): The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has made available for the first-time the official edition of the 9/11 Commission Report in an eBook format. The report details the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks, and provides recommendations designed […]

UK: Reference: Select Bibliography of Terrorism Resources From UK House of Commons Library

Direct to Bibliography (7 Pages; PDF) A short selective bibliography of terrorism resources. This includes reports on terrorism legislation by the Independent reviewer and government policy. The bibliography was published on September 6, 2011 Almost every citation has a link to the full text document or web site.

Reference: Government Reports: "The Osama Bin Laden File" (From the National Security Archive)

From the National Security Archive Announcement and Summary: The Osama Bin Laden File includes the CIA’s 1996 biographic sketch, the infamous President’s Daily Brief from 6 August 2001 warning “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US,” a State Department issue paper from 2005 reporting that “some Taliban leaders operate with relative impunity in some Pakistan […]