May 19, 2022

Burst Pipes and Flooding Cause Damage to Materials at U. of Calgary Library

From The Gauntlet (A University of Calgary Student Newspaper): Burst pipes caused flooding at the U of C’s Health Sciences campus at Foot Hills Hospital and in the new Taylor Family Digital Library, resulting in what Campus Security director Lanny Fritz called “the two biggest losses we’ve had in the last 10 years.” Fritz said […]

University of Calgary: "Taylor Family Digital Library to Close for Three Months"

From The Gauntlet (Student Paper at U. of Calgary): In addition to damaged journals, the library has also discovered that many texts have gone missing during the move [into the new library building]. Students’ Union vice-president academic Alyssa Stacy said the school blames the unnoticed theft on an inferior tracking system in the MacKimmie, a […]