May 18, 2022

Audio: Interview: Sue Polanka Talks with ebrary's Director of Marketing, Matt Barnes

From Sue Polanka’s No Shelf Required On Sunday I met with Matt Barnes, Vice President of Marketing, for ebrary. Matt and I discussed ebrary’s new patron driven acquisition model, searching ebrary content through the ProQuest interface, and the results of an ebrary mobility study on the need for downloadable ebooks.  Matt shares a few of […]

"IGI Launches Advances in Library Information Science Newsletter"

From a Post on No Shelf Required: IGI Publishing launched the inaugural issue of the Advances in Library Information Science (ALIS) Newsletter today.  The newsletter provides a value-added tool that gives a pre-publication, no-strings-attached glimpse into the library and information science content.  The Editor-in-Chief for the IGI ALIS series is Mirela Roncevic, formerly with Library […]